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Hi everyone! My name is Jasmine and I am new to "non-vaxing." Ironically, the week AFTER my dd got all her 12 month shots last month, I finally started researching vaccines and was shocked at everything I found out!!
I have a ton of questions but I'll start with this.... Liliana (my 13 month old) is due for her Dtap in 2 months and I am not sure how to address my new decision with her ped. I've read conflicting things on how to bring up the subject- it seems some people suggest only telling the ped that we are "delaying" as to not cause a huge debate and/or be asked to leave his practice.
I would like to know your experiences. What did you tell your child's ped and how was your choice to non-vax taken?? Were you asked to leave their office?
Thanks so much!
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I've had varied experiences with peds. When I originally decided not to vax, my ped was very respectful and we even had intelligent conversations about it. Then I moved and started interviewing. I happened to find the worst, most disrespectful pediatrician. I've just kept looking until I abandoned peds altogether. We now have a family practice doc that I'm happy with.
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Find out what your ped's opinion is first. That way, you won't be Shanghai-d when you go to the office. Check out the Finding Your Tribe forums here if you find you need a new doctor.
Our family practice doc was appalled at the idea of not vaccinating, and was very rude about it. We have the best pediatrician ever now!
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So glad you looked into vaccines!

I would call up the office anonymously and ask what their policy is on non vaxing patients.

I found a great ped from the finding your tribe section. He is very supportive of our decisions. When we originally went in and said we were going to delay he told us that was great because the vaccines are full of toxins we don’t want in our baby. Then DH said we would probably start around age 2 and he told us that there is no point. By that age, he will be strong and able to handle any disease that comes his way. I my ped!

Don’t feel like you need to fight with a doctor. If s/he doesn’t agree then find a new doctor who will support you. If your child were to get sick with a VPD, you want a doctor who is supportive and not saying “told you so!”.
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Prepare yourself for the worst. This way if it turns out to be not a big deal, you can take a sigh of relief. But they may get really nasty with you. My first PED did. I started doing a little research right before my sons 4 month shots, and then REALLY started reasearching between 4-6 months, and did not like what I was finding. I didnt call anonomously, only because the secretray couldnt give me an answer. She said I had to talk to the doctor, so he had to call me back. (which that tells me right there he must have been a COMPLETE control freak) He was so pushy and rude, and offered some book that was pro vaccine for me to read, and said that there is all sorts of junk on the internet. And that if I decided not to vax, he would drop me as a patient. It upset and shocked me, but I got over it in about a week, started calling around to Ped offices in my area that accepted my insurance, and found a wonderful Ped, (so far). She is pro vax, however, she recognizes some parents are actually well read and know they have rights against injecting ANYTHING into their kids bodies. She is very kind and understanding to our situation. So just do your research, get informed, and when its time to talk to your current Ped, have your stuff together. Know the facts, and for the love of GOD, know your rights!!!
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