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I haven't sen Kate around much lately, so if anyone is in touch with her elsewhere, could you please relay this message?

She inspired me to sew my first fleece diaper covers for her to stay in budget for the third trimester swap and I didn't know then (but know now) that I used substandard velcro that will be totally exasperating when her babe grows into them, which should be pretty soon. I'd love to replace the velcro for her if she could send them back for retrofitting.
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Just wanted to let you know not to worry about the diaper covers, I have a sewing machine I can put new velcro on. Thanks though! Hope things are going well! Sorry I haven't been on here lately, Wyatt doesn't normally let me get on the computer very much.
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Thanks, Kate; Terran is my only super-mellow baby so I know he isn't "normal".

You really inspired me to get back to sewing and crafting; I wanted to stay within budget for the swap and the only way I could was by making the diaper covers myself. Now that's what Terran wears and they work every bit as well on his skin as the $30 apiece wool covers his siblings wore.

The green one is breatheable and the brown one has a layer of PUL so it's waterproof because I didn't know any better when I made them. Terran has already grown into his and I think of you and Wyatt whenever he wears them.
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