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i don't want to go!

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i feel like i'm 3 but i don't want to move our message board. i want to stay right here!

i just registered for the new board and i'm on yahoo groups and i just checked out lwab.... but i don't wanna!!

i guess it's like when we finally get deleted we will decisively be on the other side of this whole adventure. it'll be over. it's kind of like the end of the lord of the rings series. i just want it to keep going. i don't want the elves to leave!

i'm also kind of afraid that once we move on we'll lose folks. i hardly post but i like you guys.

sorry to be so mopey.
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I'm sorry! I feel like a big bad meanie now (and I don't even do the deleting). I remember feeling the same way when my DDC was gone. I look forward to seeing you all in LWAB and all over the boards!
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I don't want to go either. Did we just get our notice then?
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: I don't want to go either I can't believe that this all went by so fast!
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Me neither! I gotta get my butt over to the other boards I guess...but I did like it here...
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It was a good run, I get sad every time I check back here thinking it is all over with! I hope you all do come over to the other board, it is really nice!
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i don't want to leave either.

i have to keep reminding myself that it's NOT all over--it's just beginning.

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I've been trying to wean myself off of this board, but it's so sad. Today Trixie turned 6 weeks. I needed to take a minute and reflect on how I got here... It's surreal to me. I need to remember the tears I had to get pregnant and how I wanted it. It's hard to remember when I am so consumed by her. I need to remember, ya know?
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I was just thinknig the same as I popped over here to see if we can still pop on. Boohoo!!

But I LOVE YOU ALL! Smooches, please everyone stay in touch. We've spent so much time together. Y'all mean alot to me!
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I don't wanna go eitehr! I'm gonna try to keep up with the new board and LWAB but I like our DDC!!! I wish mothering kept up the baby circles. Even in 2 or 3 month cycles would be nice. LWAB is too much a general baby board. It's so hard to keep up with a thread. OK wishing over. We will get kicked off and I'll have to deal but I don't have to be happy about it :
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I am going to sign up on the other, but I do love it here! I still am all over the other boards here. I have been lurking in the breastfeeding and co-sleeping threads...
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I don't want to go either!!! I signed up for the other board but I like it here and I wish we could stay I'm no good at long chat threads. I hope to see you all in the new board.
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i'm glad i'm not the only one.

i need to add the other board to my bookmarks because i'm never going to remember the address. i'm so glad that google allows you to take your bookmarks from computer to computer.
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Oh crap. I signed up for the new board but now I can't find it.
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Nature, we really need you over there.

here is the link and we've made it fairly private now, so your posts are safe from exes and trolls and the like.

I am starting to adjust to the new board, but there are still some folks missing or just lurking and waiting for privatization, which has pretty much been accomplished.

I don't want to lose ANY of you, even though I know I'm horribly moody and tend to talk your ear off and then disappear for no apparent reason.
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