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OMG, Im so mad and even my mom had to admit I was right!

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I clicked on a link in someones signature just for fun (hey, always looking for more vax info!) and went to a really good site on vaccinations and down the left side they had all the diffrent ones. {quick history: I started researching and stopped vaxing when pg with #4 so the older kids have varying degrees of vax from all done to doc is still pestering me to "finish the dose"} ANYWAY....

since dd was vaxed against pneumonia (which also claims to protect agasint ear infections) and she HAD pneumonia, I clicked on that one just for fun. I wasnt surprised that the success rate was so low (ok, 57 up to 98 percent, but thats such a wide gap its ridiculous to me) but then I started reading the research about how ear infections caused by s.pnuemonia fall BUT ear infections caused by gram negative organisms increase.... and over all its a possible overall increase in ear infections and not just regular ones, ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT ones!! This boils my blood because....

ta da! Since january my kids, all three LO have been fighting ear infections that wont go away! Several rounds of antibiotics for dd and ds2, but poor ds3went about five rounds, including a horrible allergic reaction to penicillan and most recently had to get the SHOT. Yes, we had to drag him into the doctors office three times for an antibiotic shot. If this doesnt clear it up, he has to get tubes. Though my doc thinks its true estachian tube disorder, Ive been doubtful because the older kids cant kick it either and they never had ear infections prior to this either. So, having read what I just read...ARGH! Im so mad! Even my mom said, "well, that doesnt sound helpful..." and shes forever trying to get me to reconsider. I told her about it because it sure shoots down her theory that if ds3 was vaxxed, he wouldnt be getting so sick. Actually, as it turns out, sicker. Even though he's vax free, he got the illness from his older siblings, who were. Besides, prior to this, he hasnt been sick at all!

We really, really, really dont know what we are messing with. Ever heard the theory that it'll be the flu that wipes out mankind? If so, it'll be one that came to be because of all our genetic tinkering with stuff we dont really understand!

I counted ds2's in his babybook, 33 by 18mos (thats when we stopped, they handed me a revised schedule and he was going to have to have even more!) My 16yr old didnt get near that many.

I keep finding more and more reasons not to vax and thats a good thing, I need all the ammunition I can get! We had early childhood services come out for my son and the caseworker wanted me to explain to her why I wasnt vaxing. Sure, let me sum up years of research and soul searching in a few sentences that will convince you, who already has her mind made up and isnt even open to considering anything else. As if I owed her that anyway.

Ok, sorry, end rant!
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What site was it? I'd love to check it out.
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I feel like I am repeating this over and over but just wanted to ask you if you know about chiropractic & ear infections?

here is my post:

poor babies, sending them healing vibes
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And yes, I have been looking for a pediatric chiropractor. That would be a good step before trying tubes.
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There is also a great thread in Health and Healing about curing ear infections without abx. I don't know whether you have enough confidence to try it but maybe you should read through it? There is a lot of good info in it if you are open to natural healing -

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I am totally open to it! Besides, its not like the antibiotics are working anyway!
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