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Absolutely gorgeous nursing photos!

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Wow! You made my day, Momtwice. Will forward to all my friends!
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Beautiful just beautiful.
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aawww that put a smile on my face i just love seeing people breastfeed. the second one looks like the little angels smileing while nursing. mmmmm maybe breastfeed babies are happier lol :
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OT- the picture of the bride - her baby is eight weeks old?!? When Will was eight weeks old, I was lucky to shower every day, never mind get all gussied up and stressed out over a wedding! She looked amazing.

All the pictures were so sweet. I love the nursing fiddler/violinist(?). I have a tough time NAK sometimes - I can't imaging NWF (nursing while fiddling).
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Thanks for the link.
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those were beautiful -- thanks so much for sharing.
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Yes, thank you so much for sharing these! That these women (and children) were so incredibly comfortable, and just illustrated that fact, it just provides us all with even more support to continue breastfeeding our own.
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Thanks so much for posting I am going next week to have my picture taken professionally. I will be 8 months pregnant and want to get some nursing pictures of my 15 month old
I printed out the pictures to give my photographer ideas.
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thanks! I am forwarding these to some friends!
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