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Vaccine Registry??

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On another thread, I was told that even if you had a homebirth, your DC is still put on the VR?! I thought we were fine because I gave birth at home...no one has ever sent us anything about vaccinating either, and DS is 16 month old. How do I get DS's name off of it if he's on there? How do I figure out if he's on there at all?


ETA: also, what is the VR used for, and who is it used by? I don't know much about it at all, I just know I would rather not have DS's name on it.
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That is so weird! I don't know how they would get your information, unless your dc's ped sent it off to the registry?? That is the only thing I can think of! At my dd's ped, they updated the registry the last time she had her shots (she won't be having any more though!!) and printed off a form with every vaccine she has ever had. It's a bit insane to think your dc's information is so public like that!! I was told it is so every doctor's office in the state (I guess it varies somewhat state-to-state) can pull it up to see what they have had and/or need.
I don't honestly know what it's used for either but my gut says it's not good..... no one NEEDS to know if or what vaccines my children have had!!
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Most states automatically enter new babies (no matter where they were born) into the registry by taking the info from the birth certificate. So, when you applied for a birth certificate (and when they do that heal prick test...I forget what for) your baby's info is automatically entered into the database. Not every state does this. I'm not sure how to go about getting your child removed from it. The only places that have access to this info would be (possibly) schools and definitely the health department.

Have you googled "vaccine registry (your state)"?
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Hmm, we didn't do the heel prick...

Anyone else have any thoughts?
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