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I love these stories, children are such miracles!!! Makes me happy we do Natural Family Planning, its funny that birth control is called that since you really dont have any "control" over what happens.
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I was a pill baby, my brother was conceived while my mom was ont he pill and using condoms. I conceived my 2nd when my oldest was only 5.5 weeks old, and bfing (though not exclusively) I thought that was impossible but apparently not. I only have sex once every 3 years and get pregnant lol though that is by deisgn. Being single I don't sleep around but when ready to conceive again I chart until I am able to get together with my donor. SO in the last 5 years I have had sex 3 times and conceived 3 times. So those who say it takes more than one time are very wrong lol
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My aunt had a tubal after the birth of her daughter due to severe ppd and no support when her dd was 13-14 she got pg. Both of her tubes were found to have grown back together. The Dr. did a u/s and saw a "mass" in one of her tubes so he thought it was a ectopic pg Aunt had surgery to remove the tube and they saw that the baby wasnt in there. Unfortunatly due to the trauma of the surgery she m/c the baby. It was devistating to her since she had grown to really want that baby.

It ticks me off that the Dr. wasnt more careful and caused her to loose that baby.
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My husband's parents were told early in their marriage they were unlikely to have children, and their chances would only diminish over time. They adopted eight kids. Fifteen years into their marriage, no BC the entire time, MIL notices her period is late. Really late. She went to the doctor, and she's pregnant (with my DH). When she told FIL, he said, "If you're pregnant then I'm Zacharias, and we'll name him John."

Which is how DH got his name. His younger brother was born 18 months later.
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I also have PCOS. I haven't gotten my period (unforced) in three or four years. The specialist that my gyno sent me to told me to come back when I was ready to have kids and he'd see what he could do. So, my boyfriend and I stopped worrying about taking pills on time, and using condoms and such. and for seven years, we had unprotected sex whenever we wanted without giving it much thought, thinking that when we were ready to have babies, things would be much more regimented and we'd enjoy ourselves while we could. three weeks after our wedding we found out I was pregnant. based on the bloodwork, everyone thought I was only 5 weeks along, so they sent me in for an ultrasound to see if they could get a more accurate date. Suprise! I was 20 weeks pregnant, not five... took me about 10 weeks just to get used to the idea- becasue this wasn't supposed to happen!!!
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Well, it wasn't *that* miraculous, but quite surprising to us, anyway. We DTD 2 days before I ovulated, he pulled out in plenty of time, and 2 weeks later, damned if I didn't pop a positive on that little stick.
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I got pregnant with my first child in an odd way. Know those stories they tell of "little swimmers" hanging around for up to six days?

Turns out, they do. Almost an entire week before I ovulated and now we're getting ready to celebrate her fourth bday!
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No condom, pill, tubal or vasectomy breakthrough here, but a simple "it only takes once" story. I had been on the pill for 10 years with the same partner when I decided to go off it to see if that improved certain cyclical issues - moods, headaches, etc. I had been off just 2 months and we just plum forgot to use a condom - in the loooong habit of not having to. I went to the doctor for abdominal pain (probably round ligament) - he thought I might have a hernia, but took blood for pregnancy test just in case (I said "NO, no way, I could not be pregnant, but sure, go ahead and amuse yourself with a test."). THe doctor called me at home to say "You're pregnant!". I was FLOORED. I'd forgotten that we'd forgotten and it was Just. Not. On. My. Radar. I said "are you KIDDING?" DOc said "Err - I don't tend to kid about these things." I still thought he'd mixed up my sample with someone else's and went and took a few home pregnancy tests. I still did not really believe it until I had an ultrasound (early, 5 weeks, but they wanted to check for ectopic).

eta: oh, yeah, and I'm pretty sure it was significantly pre-ovulation - it was Day 8 of my cycle.
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Know those stories they tell of "little swimmers" hanging around for up to six days?
Yup I know those stories, sometimes they hang around even for 7 or 8 days. Which is why it didn't even occur to me to test until my period was two weeks late...all the books say SIX days. Apparently the little swimmers can't count!

Seriously our story is not that unusual, there are several "one week wonders" in my due date group, but this one is intended to be the last one, and hearing all these "got pregnant with IUD, Vasectomy, tubes tied" stories is making me nervous after this "umm can this really happen?" pregnancy.
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My friend's aunt has no fallopian tubes and got pregnant.
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I have a long history of long anovulatory cycles going back to high school. I had to take clomid to concive both my kids. I am almost 38 and my DH travles at least 16 days out of the month and I am now pregnant with a big surprise. The odds of my becomming pregnant this time were so incredibly low I still have the positive test sitting out in the bathroom to let me know that "yes I really am pregnant."
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i got pregnant with dd1 while using the patch.....July 2003.

i got pregnant with dd2 after ttc for awhile and after the endocrinolgist said no way jose, not without outside help. not gonna happen. i had progesterone levels high enough for my body to essentially be making it's own mini-pill....so the tests said. well, December 2007 I pushed away yeast rolls at Christmas dinner but figured I was just getting the flu bc it had run through the family...NOPE....I was pregnant....despite the endo saying now AND DESPITE NOT HAVING A CYCLE, NO SPOTTING, NOTHING SINCE GETTING PREGGO WITH DD1 JULY 2003....We also had done the deed in awhile bc of being busy, my mom being ill and me not being home and I went out and had a few drinks with a good friend, came home, we dtd and that was that.....he even pulled out....

Before getting pregnant I would have MAYBE 1 cycle a year.....doc thinks that being on birth control fixes my hormones to a normal level allowing me to get pregnant....said it's rare but it does happen like that.....

WOW on the getting pregnant with no tubes.
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DS definitely defied the odds for us. I had been on the depo provera shot for 5 years and decided to go off it, two years later I still wasn't ovulating. I had to have some testing done and tried using different supplements with no results. Finally, my gyno at the time recommended trying BC pills to see if that might jump start things. I was on it for about 6 months and managed to have 1 or 2 irregular cycles, later I decided to discontinue them and just let my body work itself out. The very next month DH and I were preparing to move and only managed to BD one time that entire month (December). New Years came and went, I had a feeling so I took a test and sure enough I got a BFP.
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I have a spermicide baby, and yeah, I was using it correctly.

I know 2 people who got pregnant with an IUD, (one had an ectopic pregnany). I know lots who got pregnant on the pill,(i"m sure not all were tkaing it correctly,) one after a vasectomy. I have another friend that had 2 daughters, 14 & 19, I think. I odn't thinks he'd ever used bc at that point-then she found out she was like 4 months pregnant. She finally got tested when she had a bit of a bump and felt baby moving. (she only has like 2-3 periods/yr, so no clue there.)

I also knew another family that had a 22 yr old son. They had tried for YEARS to have another, no luck. At this point mom is at least 45, and dad in his mid 60's. Yep, mom gets pregnant. Had another little boy. She didn't find out til about 5 months (she thought she had cancer and was too scared to see a dr.)
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Originally Posted by Savoir Faire View Post
I got pregnant with my first child in an odd way. Know those stories they tell of "little swimmers" hanging around for up to six days?

Turns out, they do. Almost an entire week before I ovulated and now we're getting ready to celebrate her fourth bday!
Yep, that was me with #1!

With this one I got pregnant before I had a pp period (breastfeeding).
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I went off the pill 4 years ago, when my husband and I decided to start our family. ( Before we were married) After a year and a half things wernt working so we got married and started seeing a fertility specialist. We had month after month of negatives due to unexplained infertility and it was so frusterating! Around Last January we decided that we would look into adoption. February we hit a big snag as I went in to the er for an emergency appendectomy.... The Dr told me that if you make it to 22 without having one you have a 99% chance of never having one.... well Woohoo I hit that lottery :..... Before the surgery ( just to rub salt in the wound) I had to wait as they ran a quick pregnacy test...... and NOPE not pregnant... a few weeks later we started the whole adoption process. The fertility dr wanted to do a laperoscopy but I couldnt imagin being re cut open anytime soon after because the incision in my bellybutton was still soooo sore. Plus we fertility isnt covered by my insurance and I would have had to pay out of pocket, while paying off what my insurance didnt cover for the appendectomy. I was done with the fertility and done with surgeries and just done, and adoption was the answer. Everything was going well and then we hit a really big snag that was going to prevent everything from proceeding and I was devestated! We were about to have to hire and expensive lawyer to see if he could sort through the mess, ( this was all pre referal) and I was just about to commit, but i decided to wait and see. ( The way everymonth goes with the waiting after ovulation) And I told my husband.... ok honey if were not pregnant then were hirering the lawyer next week..... but it was just really strange because I just had a feeling that I was..... so I waited, finally took the test about 4 days before my period and hold crap it was positive..... for the first time in 4 years it was positive. So that is my impossible pregnancy story....
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DH and I were not sure how long it would take for us to conceive (or if we even could). My maternal family has a long line of exploding reproductive organs (no - seriously) with mom, g-ma, and ggm all getting hysterectomies between the ages of 28 and 39. I was 28 when we got married. DH has a LONG family history of genetic abnormalities AND he'd done two tours in Iraq, playing with all sorts of fun chemicals and toxic waste.

So, when we got pregnant the first time we had unprotected sex (me, with a partially torn meniscus in my knee, but, DH had just gotten back from 7 weeks of training - gingerly pity sex) we were ECSTATIC.

When I was 6 weeks along (beg. Nov '05), I miscarried the baby (definite tissue/clots/etc, and then the doc did blood tests confirming declining HcG levels).

In Feb '07, I went back in, newly pregnant. My periods had come every month, but weren't very "regular" if that makes sense, so, we weren't exactly sure on the time frame. I had no real symptoms, just a feeling (no morning sickness, no tender breasts, no fatigue, and I'd only gained 3lbs - Christmas weight, no doubt).

The doc and nurse both about hit the floor when he examined me...My fundus was at my naval. I was sent across town for an ultrasound b/c he thought I was probably having twins. Baby (just one ) measured 20 weeks, completely healthy. Yep, do the math.

She was born July 1. What we think happened was that I miscarried her twin (which would explain the tissue and declining HcG levels), but she somehow stuck in there. She is our Miracle Baby, and our little One Shot Wonder. We joke that she must have been DH's last healthy sperm.

People are always like, well, how could you NOT know? Like I said, NOTHING indicated pregnancy - I am the symptomless pregnancy woman. And, yes, it does make me paranoid. (And, yes, I had my period throughout my pregnancy - my grandma did, too).

My SIL, btw, is a post-tubal baby (six years post-tubal). My MIL didn't even know she was pregnant until her water prematurely broke early (MIL was in the hospital for weeks before SIL was born at 26 weeks).
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Wow some of these stories are so funny.

My piano teacher when I was a teenager was adopted after her mom tried for years to get pg and her mom was pg immediately after they got her and went on to have six more kids all boys.

My piano teacher also had infertility. Her cycles where every six months or so and they tried unsuccessfully to get pg and adopted. They found out about a month after her son was home that she was approx 4 months pg and had the baby early in her 7th month. They assumed they could have kids now but nope several years later no kids so they adopted again and guess what! She found out she was pg directly after they brought him home. She went on to have a very difficult pregnancy, RH- and had sensitized, but had a premature baby girl. And no kids since. Last I saw her was when her daughter was about 6.
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Originally Posted by Stayathomemommy View Post
I love these stories, children are such miracles!!! Makes me happy we do Natural Family Planning, its funny that birth control is called that since you really dont have any "control" over what happens.
I agree. I'm super fertile - got pregnant this time when the swimmers stalker hung out and waited for the egg. My fertile friend and I joke about never getting more than one cycle of good phase 2 sex because we catch that first time!
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My grandparents though they couldn't have children, so they adopted three of them. Three years after the youngest arrived, my grandma gave birth to my mom!
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