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Poll Results: What is your stroller personality?

  • 3% (3)
    never had one, never want one.
  • 14% (12)
    never wanted one, have one & use it sparingly
  • 4% (4)
    never wanted one, have one & use it a lot
  • 48% (41)
    always wanted it for occasional use and that's how I use it.
  • 24% (21)
    always wanted it & use it a lot
  • 4% (4)
    other (please explain)
85 Total Votes  
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I love my stroller.....I use it all the time. There is no way I'm just gonna let Morgan run free and there is no way that she will hold my hand, and there is NO way I can carry her everywhere (I mean- she weighs at least 1/4 my weight and is at least 1/2 my height.
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My first child I did not use one nor did I use a sling because I did not know they exist. All arms

With my second I had a sit-in-stand. It was a great place for her to sleep while I played with my first. We had a sling she hated it, she loved are arms and the back pack.

With my third. I used it a lot. My dd1 had hearing loss. During my 3rd's first year of life my dd1 needed hugs. Plus we were doing things in town were I just did not have enough hands. I was able to carry more stuff to keep the other children enertained while I dealt with the child that needed me more.

I would honestly review your life style. How many children do you have and their needs. I would try to go light weight and compact.
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I used mine more than I thought I would, but mostly to care my stuff at first. We had a 4 pound baby with an eight pound heart monitor, so the stroller came in handy. I had a lot of gear because he was only taking bottle of breastmilk, so I had a cooler and tons of stuff.

Once he started nursing, 3 months later, I loved taking him out with a sling and a tiny bag with a diaper, wipes and a clean onsie. Freedom, I didn't want a stoller with me. He stayed light for a long time, so we went out without most of the time. If I brought the stoller, I usually carried him in a sling and put my junk in the stroller.

I still use the stroller now because although he is 4.5, he gets tired easily and wants to be carried. So, I have a lightweight stoller that I bring to zoo, aquarium. I think I got the most mileage out of all of my baby gear with one child, because I put him in the sling just the other day and he is 4.5. He still hasn't hit the upper limit in weight at only 31 pounds.

So much of that baby stuff is unneeded, but a stoller can be nice to have. So much of what was given to us was unneccesary. I feel bad it was wasted. But, the stroller wasn't one of them. Handmade crib set that was never slept in, felt bad about that, but not the stoller.

I found it handy in airports to haul around the carseat when traveling and my bags. So, if someone will buy it for you, it is handy. Get one with a cup holder to hold water bottles for you. Mine didn't have one and I wish it did.
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well i have to say, my dd was 23 pounds at 6 mos and is 25 pounds now. i still sling her everywhere and wear her for most of the day, especially when out. my gramma insisted on buying her a stroller, but i haven't used it yet. maybe if we go somewhere when i'll need to carry heavy packages...

but anyway, i bet a jogging stroller would be a good bet. good to use when you go to the beach to carry all the stuff.

i would recomend a couple of good fitting slings instead of a stroller, jmho... yet at least since, you probably won't use it until your babe gets bigger. you could also put it on the registry and then return it and keep the credit until you need to use it. that way you'll still be able to get it "as a gift", but toys r us will store it for you since space is tight
i see you are in ca, the is a place called the nurture center somewhere in ca and they have sling classes where you can try on slings. also lauren (veganmama)(mamasmith website) does classes i am pretty sure
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I think it really depends on your situation. I live in a big city, and we walk a lot for errands - post office, health food store, etc. We have a fairly big stroller that we keep in the entryway for these walks, and we use it frequently. My son is 2.5, and he started not liking the bjorn or sling at around 1 yo. Before that I much preferred to carry him.

I keep a really small umbrella type stroller in the car just in case. Mainly because ds likes to go running off from me, tearing stuff from shelves, and dashing behind aisles thinking it's funny that I can't see him. So on rare occasion (less the 1x/week) I use the stroller when we are out and about. Honestly I use shopping carts more. Even if I don't need one, I let him ride in the big section and I push him around.

And when he was an infant, although I did use a bjorn or sling whenever he was awake, I definitely got a lot of use out of the carseat that snapped into the stroller frame. I know a lot of people get uppity about these 'baby buckets', but I don't care. My ds would fall asleep in the car every time, could not be transferred without being woken, and would scream bloody murder if he was woken before he was ready. So to be able to still stop at the bank or the store and just grab his carseat with him sleeping was a lifesaver.

So yes, I would need a stroller. If I were in a more remote location, I would probably only have a smaller one in the car for very rare use. But in the urban lifestyle that I live, the stroller has definitely come in handy.

I am jealous of moms whose toddlers still like the sling. Mine would wriggle and kick after about 5 minutes. Plus he got heavy. Carrying him in a sling while wriggling and whining, and two bags of groceries, uphill 6 blocks back to my house - no thanks.

And I have never put ds in the stroller if he doesn't want to go in, and have never left him there crying.
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