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torn acl/preparing the body for surgery?

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I searched the forums for "acl" and "cruciate" and came up only in the pets section! lol ...

Waiting for the MRI confirmation, but the doc is quite sure that I"ve torn my acl ... with three kids to care for and a company to run and a home to care for as a single mama ... i'm a little overwhelmed with being far less mobile ...

if the mri confirms, then i'll need surgery to replace the acl, either with a cadaver acl or with a sliver of ligament from my patella ....

besides following the physical therapist's directions for keeping my leg as strong and mobile as possible, how can i help my body heal? i've been rubbing arnica where the other muscles are all sore from the limping ....

also, what can i do to best prepare my body for the surgery? it is only arthroscopic, and a day surgery, but i'd like to speed my recovery.

i'm hoping you wise mamas here can help me ....

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What is acl?

Achilles tendon?
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anterior cruciate ligament -- it's the ligament in the very center of the knee that stabilizes the joint. it's a very common skiing and football injury -- i was skiing. once it's torn, it's gone -- you can't repair it, only replace it. you can elect not to replace it but unless you're elderly or extremely inactive it's not a good idea to ignore it. i can't bend the knee past about 60 degrees, can't twist on it -- basically, it's rather prone to buckling right now. i injured it about a week ago.

here's one good image: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/e...ages/18003.htm
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Oh gosh, dd had torn her Achilles tendon playing volley ball and went through surgery just about 6 weeks ago.

Here is what we did. First off, they will give you an IV with abx. I am warning you because this way you can decide whether you want it or not. So, start take Probiotics right now. Also have Vitamin C ready. You can start taking some now also. It should be a good food grade vita C. And cod liver oil for general healing.

They'll give you crutches, but get yourself a wheel chair. Borrow one from the red cross or wherever.

Someone offered dd a wheel chair and she said, NO WAY. They brought it over anyway and it saved her life. She could get around the best with it. With two small kids in the house, she could still do just about everything and got pretty good using it. The kids loved it, there was always one hanging on the back of it. She could do the dishes, cook, everything because she had both hands free.

Good luck to you.
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Two good homeopathic remedies for surgery are arnica and hypernicum. Arnica helps the body deal with trauma and hypernicum aids cuts (surgical knife) and puncture wounds (IV, needles, etc). Consider beginning the remedies before your surgery but you'll need to be careful about telling the hospital/doctors about the remedies. They have PDR info about arnica and hypernicum (aka St. John's Wort) but rarely understand how HOMEOPATHIC versions of these plants work.
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Thanks for the info. There's no way that I could navigate my turn-of-the-century New-Englander in a wheelchair; I can barely do it in crutches (small rooms, small doorways) but if I could, I'd grab a wheelchair in a heartbeat.

Achilles tendon snappage sounds awful and excruciating! OWWW!

Any other info? What other vitamins might be crucial, etc?
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