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Kiwi Roll Call!!

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Ok, how many deep are we anyway?

You don't have to be living in NZ at the moment to sign the roll either...

I'll start,

Charlotte, 25, mum of Ziggy who is 15mos, living on Waiheke Island, but grew up in Auckland/Hamilton/Taumarunui....

Kiwi mamas...come out, come out, where ever you are
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yay- good idea! i've posted on here a couple of times but haven't checked back in ages because it's usually so quiet from the NZ end of things.

i'm down on the west coast with my nearly-1-year-old bubs named miro. i'm 27 & from the US, but my partner is kiwi. just finished getting residency sorted late last year (thank god that's over with).

waiheke island is beutiful! i spent a couple of weeks there when i was first traveling a couple of years back. and i love the name ziggy =)

yes...kiwi mums- post! =)
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Nice to meet you dwiwozony!!

Ok, we got 2 so far......
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I'm Cesca, from Christchurch.

Married to a Scotsman, dragged him halfway around the world to live here.

We have two children - a 5 year old son and a 4 year old daughter.
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Hi I'm Bethany. Just registered so thought I'd say hi to the people who are a bit closer to home. I live in Haumoana in the sunny Hawkes Bay. No kids at the moment. Just learning and planning.
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Hi, I'm Esther and SAHM in Howick, Auckland. As you can see from my signature we have 2 children, a two year old and an almost 11 week old bubba. :-) Moved to Auckland from South Africa in 2002 for our personal safety and really loving it here in Godzone.
How can I add more smilies onto my signature? It would only let me use one.
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I'm a "faux-Kiwi" mama. I believe we connected on a thread I started a couple months ago. I tend to come and go from MDC in bursts. :LOL

I'm Krista, mama to 5 year old, Ethan, and 16 month old Silas. They are spirited, mischievous, challenging, and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I home/unschool, also.

Hubby and I are Canadian and have permanent residency here. We lived in NZ briefly in 2004/05 and just moved back more indefinitely this January. We're currently in Wanganui and loving it.
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I'm Australian, but I've lived in Hamilton since I was six. One husband, one baby (Rowan, female, six weeks old), two chickens (Bridget and Saffron, one year old, currently off the lay and consequently risking their feathery necks).
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Hiya ladies!! Nice to meet you all

Smokering, congrats on your bubba, I saw pics of her in that other thread. Shes lovely. I used to live in Hamtown for a long time... ahh the memories
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I am in NZ for the next ten days

and don't know a soul. anyone feel like coming out to play? I am in Auckland, currently near the airport
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If you make it over to Waiheke, I'll meet you for a coffee etc
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is that near? far? ferry? I have no idea. we drove around a bit today. its GORGEOUS here man!
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Hi Everyone!
I'm Sarah and I live in Hamilton. I have a son, Zak, almost 2yrs! And a life-partner, Jay. i've known about this site for awhile, but I'm only just starting to really get into it.
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Hi everyone, I'm Rochelle & live on the North Shore in Auckland. We're still learning as we go with the kids but having lots of fun along the way. Daniel will be 6 in September, Maia is just 4 & Ava is 18 mths.

Great to find these forums, hopefully I'll have some time to sit down & read up on all the amazing information on here.

Hi Ziggysmama
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Hi, I'm Nikki, based in Kapiti. I've been around these boards for almost 5yrs, but wasn't posting here for ages, but have been more active in the past year.

I recognise a few of you from other message boards or blogs (not sure if you'd know me though lol).
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Hey hey hey Gemfriend... I know you
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Hi everyone

I'm in Auckland with one wee man and a little bean who we're hoping to welcome around Christmas time.

Hi Ziggy and Gem
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Hi All

I'm Melissa from Hibiscus Coast just north of Auckland. We have a three and a half month old Charlotte - she's awesome!
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hi girls i'm here too I'm carla, mama to the beautiful luke who 7 1/2 months already , (looks like we all coming over the crunchy side )
and we live in whangaparaoa
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Hi Carla
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