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Kiwi Roll Call!! - Page 2

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Hey Ladies I 'know' afew of you
Finally made it over here
Hope to see you all around as I explore........
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Hi Charlotte, finally found you..LOL..Can I join you as honorary?? please pretty please.. I miss you and Ziggy..LOL..

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Originally Posted by 2jays View Post
Hi Charlotte, finally found you..LOL..Can I join you as honorary?? please pretty please.. I miss you and Ziggy..LOL..

Hi Jude!! Of course you can join us!! I miss you guys too!! xxoo
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How's everyone surviving the winter? :

We've gone into hibernation mode but having to venture out a bit now that school is back! Can't wait for

for everyone!
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The winter ain't so bad up here on Waiheke, but I've definatly gone into hibernation mode none-the-less

Hi to everyone too!!
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I'm SO ready for spring. We spent a week over in Sydney, where it was rainy, but WARM (relatively) and coming home to our cold, damp house was more than a little depressing.

I HAVE been thrilled to see the sun 3 days in a ROW this week. And my clothes are actually hanging outside for a change.

Bring on the spring!
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Hope everyone fared the storms ok!

Bring on the sunshine I reckon! :
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Hi ya,
I just found this thread
I have been on these boards for quite a while now, i live in Tauranga with DP and our 4 children.
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We're moving to Wellington! : just for a year or two, but we're really excited!!

hope to meet up in real life!
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That's great tiffani! I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay! When are you moving?
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we fly out of vancouver on sept 29th!
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Hi everyone!!!

My name is Jenna and I'm brand brand new to this website! I'm not a mum but all my siblings have children and I work at a crache. Currently living in Wellington but actually from down south (Gore-Dunedin area) :
Nice to meet you all!!!! :
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Hi Jenna!

Welcome! I don't know if there is anyone else from Wellington here, although I think there are a couple from Kapiti Coast or the Hut! I used to be a nanny before my own Lo was born.
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Hi from Palmerstom North (we're Canadian, I'm at school here )
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Hi, I'm Kelly. I am a SAHM of two quirky kids. I am originally from the west coast of Canada and now I live in Wellington. We love it here, it's perfect except for our moldy chilly house.
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Hi Kelly,

Nice to meet you. I'm in Wellington too! Yep, NZ houses... Gotta love this place!
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So cool to see some other "faux-Kiwi" Canadians on the board!

I'm also Canadian, from Alberta, but lived most recently on Vancouver Island.
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I only discovered this magazine and then decided to google this site last Friday!!! A native Kiwi, I live in Wellington with my 2 wee boys (and 1 big boy ). There are so many Canadians here in Wellington I'm surprised that there are any of you left at home! I worked with 3 and there were 2 teachers at my son's creche. My job was to hide all mention of the Stanley Cup results from my boss until he had watched the downloaded games! lol
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Kia ora tatou!! I'm Bonnie from Wellington/Kapiti, Mum to Cosmo who is 2 and a half & Matariki who is 4 months. We live in Abu Dhabi & are not sure how long we'll be away but return to Raumati now & then. I'm not on here much but recently started getting the mag & love it.
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Hi there kiwis and faux-kiwi canadians!

we've arrived here in wellington, settled into a lovely house in strathmore park, and if only our other bed would arrive (we're renting furniture) we'd be :!!!! I'd love to meet up on a sunnyish day at a park or beach somewhere if anyone in wellington wants to... especially if we have another of those gorgeous sunny days!!

on a less exciting note, I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can find (or borrow) a soft back carrier like a mei tai or a wrap or something similar. We have friends here whose little girl (2) is having 20-50 minor seizures a day, and they have to keep her from bashing into things when she falls over. I thought a nice soft back carrier would give her mom and dad a way to make dinner/go to the bathroom/attend to their 3 year old without worrying about her hurting herself. I'm willing to buy one for them if necessary (though I don't imagine it will come cheap, nothing here does!! ) but if anyone has one they could loan for a few weeks, that would be great too. if you know where I can find one, pm me!
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