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Healing Back pain naturally?

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My husband has a really bad back. He has a degenerative disc and he also has arthritis. He has a very physical job so continues to put more and more strain on his back. He half jokes that he's going to be in a wheelchair before he turns 40. It's hard to see him in so much pain.

He went to a chiropractor for awhile but his back just got worse. I think it got worse because he'd just go back to work the next day and mess his back up again. It never had a chance to get better.

I'm wondering if anyone has had some success with nutrition (lubricating the joints from the inside out) or any other natural remedies. He's thinking about surgery but only as a last resort. Surgery isn't all that effective and he'd have to take about a year off of work to recover and that is not really an option.

I doubt it's possible that he could ever be 100% better but even 10-20% less pain then he's having now would be a huge relief. I'd appreciate any info anyone might have. TIA.
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My husband also has back problems, compressed disk and such. Our chiropractor was able to help him after another one seemed to make it worse. We feel it was the method; our present chiro puts you on a face-down table and talks to you about where you hurt, does a back exam and looks for trigger points, and then they treat with heat and ultrasound before the adjustment, which he also did differently than the other chiro. So he might consider a chiro trained a different way, perhaps, for a better fit.

He also swears by getting enough water. He can definitely feel a difference in his joints when he doesn't hydrate well enough, and he always aches worse at the end of the day if he doesn't drink enough. He uses plain water as well as Propel type beverages. He gave up soda.

He also started training with a personal trainer who has him doing lots of abdominal work in order to strengthen his core to help support his back. Obviously someone with back trouble has to be careful how they do this, but DH claims it has helped him quite a bit with the back pain.

Also, if he can possibly make himself take a brief rest to let his back recuperate, that will also help. DH started doing hobbies that didn't strain his back, stopped spending his weekends working so hard around the house, and it helped. It's not helped the handyman work that remains undone, but he just had to accept that he couldn't drive himself so hard and expect to maintain himself. It's hard for a man to accept that, but he can try to think of ways that will make things easier, once he starts that mental process, it's a domino effect. I saw a big change once my husband got the right mental attitude about it, quit fighting it and worked with it, if that makes any sense.

Good luck!
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Here's an article about dealing with back pain naturally.

Good luck!
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Thank you for the replies. Great article Frannie, thanks.

Tracymom, I think you are right about trying another chiropractor. We've thought about it but he's been hesitant, maybe I can convince him. I've also been trying to convince him to do yoga or pilates but he won't. He did start swimming though so I hope that will help him.
He's horrible about taking it easy. He's constantly overdoing it. He has a physical job and works a lot but even so, he sometimes goes above and beyond what he needs to do. He's very stubborn.
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