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noisy baby?

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Do any of you have noisy babies? Cale grunts all the time. Its super cute except at 3 o'clock in the morning...He grunts when he is stretching, moved or just laying there. He sounds like a baby animal sometimes. Do any of you have one of those babies as well?
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amelia sounds like a barn yard!
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sonny is so loud!!! he's a grunter.
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Renny grunts, too, especially when she is sleeping in the sling, like right now
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This is the reason that our baby has moved into an adjacent room, into a crib. I thought that would never happen, but I was waking up at every single grunt and with two other little ones I value my sleep! He can always co-sleep when he is bigger.
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Glad to hear that you all have noisy little ones as well...DH swears that its just ours...but its so sweet to listen to all there noises.
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Yep Merry is loud too. It took a few nights for Annie to get used to her sister in the room with us making all those little noises. I love to hear all those wee noises though. So sweet. I love lying in our room and listening to everyone breathing or to Annie and Meredith nursing at the same time...
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vincie is a grunter and a squeaker! she makes some great faces too.
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My dd was never as noisy as Bodhi is - it's crazy! Grunts, squeaks, wheezes, mouth smacking, you name it - he does it!
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Bella Mia- my dd was never this noisy either!! all these noises are very new to me!!!!

I'm glad you started this thread, ~Robin, I wasn't sure it was totally 'normal'
It is very nice to talk to all you mamas for reassurance. Can you imagine this conversation w/ Sonny's pediatrician?

"uhmm... he uhmmm makes a lot of noise"!
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Caden makes some strange noises especially when hes sleeping, he snores and makes squeekey noises
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We call our son Bear because of this. He's either a fussy bear, a hungry bear, or a snoozy bear. Or, when he's chewing on me, a gummy bear
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Originally Posted by uccellina View Post
We call our son Bear because of this. He's either a fussy bear, a hungry bear, or a snoozy bear. Or, when he's chewing on me, a gummy bear
love that
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Theo makes little snuffling and snorting noises when he wakes up hungry and is rooting around for some nice milk to fall into his mouth. It's not very refined, but it's cute.

I remember when my brother was born (I was 19), the little noises he made totally freaked me out! I always thought he was about to stop breathing.
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Riley is so loud too!! he gulps his food, snorts when hes hungry.. we call him riley piggy, lol. He also learned temper tantrums this week, and no, im not exaggerating, lol.
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Zoë is noisy too. I had to train myself to ignore this at night.
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