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Seder + Passover Meal plans!!

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What are you serving? both for the Seder & the rest of the week

I'll post my menu when I get home....
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I need ideals.
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OK - we are hosting the 1st night & going to my parents the 2nd

1st night we'll have turkey, matzah ball soup, farfel kugel, roasted brocolli... not sure what else

2nd night - like I said is at my folks. don't know what they are serving

monday 4/21 - matzah ball soup
tuesday 4/22 - matzah borekahs - i make these by mixing cheese and boiled potato (the filling), moistening the matzah, cutting it into 4ths, putting a spoon of filling in, folding it over, dipping in egg, and frying. yum.
wednesday 4/23 - steak, veg, and potato
thursday 4/24 - matzah pizza and possibly spagetti squash with one of those little cans of tomato mushroom sauce. I'm supposed to be getting it in my co-op but we aren't huge fans (spagetti squash)
friday 4/25 - roast chicken, veggies, i guess potatoes. possibly quinoa if I buy a new one before pesach
saturday 4/26 - tuna and egg salad on matzah, etc
sunday 4/27 - blintzes. I use the recipe from breakstones. i can't find it in a websearch. I can scan it if anyone wants. it's always in hadassah magazine and other jewish magazines right before pesach

the kids have school all week - bleh. so lunches will be fun LOL. cream cheese and jelly on matzah, or cream cheese and chocolate spread. hard boiled eggs, I bought some crazy expensive yogurt, fruit, and little bottles of water... that should be enough.

for breakfasts - we didn't even bother with the crappy cereal this year. eggs, matzah meal pancakes, and matzah brei.... hopefully we'll be fine
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no one else?

ok here's a fun question - what do you make with those little cans of tomato mushroom sauce... :
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We're hosting the first night:
Gefilte fish loaf (homemade), matzah ball soup, brisket, turkey, mashed potato kugel, asparagus, salad, fruit.

During the week we'll have shepherd's pie at least once -- hands down the most popular passover meal (and non-passover for that matter) I ever serve.

I have one fun meal during chol chamoed -- our vegetarian rabbi is coming along with another family, one of whom is lactose intolerant! I don't have enough dairy dishes for so many, so I've decided to make parve Indian food on my meat dishes. The only problem is finding enough different KP spices!

One night we always have matzagna.

Our family loves passover and loves matza, so I don't buy any of that awful passover fake food. We have matza every morning with butter or cream cheese and jelly (foodwise my favourite meal of the holiday is the first breakfast!).

Otherwise we eat lots of leftovers, salads, fruits, and veggies (to counteract the 10lbs of matza we get through!).
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I thought I was the only one who made matzagna...I love it!!

We are hosting the first night. Matzah ball soup, brisket, some potato dish I haven't picked yet, fresh green beans, salad and fruit salad.

We go to Temple for a community seder the second night with matzah ball soup, turkey, roast potatos and fresh veggies.

Then we make matza brei ALOT, it is our we are sick of matza but we love it meal. Matzagna, I make a killer matza meal meatloaf, and we eat leftovers from the big dinner. Thank goodness dd is out of school on spring break (yeah for Jewish school!) so we can make matza sandwiches with cream cheese & pg&j and eats lots more of matzah ball soup.

I need some dessert ideas for the first night - other than the standard matza meal cake. Anyone have suggestions??

PS I'd love the sheperd's pie recipe if you don't mind sharing!
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Originally Posted by madiesmommy View Post

PS I'd love the sheperd's pie recipe if you don't mind sharing!
Ask if you have any questions -- this is a stream of consciousness recipe -- Shepherd's Pie was probably the first real meal I ever cooked so it's been years since I've used a recipe!

The basic idea is to have around as much ground beef as you have potatoes. For a large casserole dish I probably use around 3 pounds of each - maybe a little extra potato.

Potatoes should be boiled and mashed (you can use margarine for this (and soy milk out of Passover), but it's really not necessary and just adds fat -- just leave a little water when you drain the potatoes so they mash easily).

Saute a large onion in olive oil (or whatever oil you use at Pesach).

Saute ground beef separately (can use left-over oil from onion).

Return onion to pan.

Add as desired:
salt and pepper (kosher meat doesn't usually need salt)
minced garlic
italian herbs
diced carrots
diced celery
diced red pepper
diced fresh tomatoes/canned tomatoes/tomato
paste/tomato sauce (tomatoes in mushroom sauce!!!)
red wine

(During the year, you can add peas and corn -- basically any robust vegetable that makes the meat stretch.)

Add sauteed meat.

(Out of Passover I add some HP/AI sauce and/or Lea and Perrins sauce for body)

Simmer for at least half an hour or for much longer.

Cover if it gets too dry, but boil off some of the liquid if very wet.

Layer meat sauce in casserole dish, add mashed potatoes.

Cover and bake at 350F for 40 minutes until bubbling.
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Seder is the only night of the year I serve meat, since my IL's can't deal with a veggie seder, and since they are in their 80s, it's hard to change that. I won't cook meat though, so they pay for me to buy it ready-made (grilled chicken, chicken "steak" with fruit sauce, and shnitzel for the kids). I make matzo ball soup, potatoes with rosemary and olive oil, sweet potato/coconut kugel, undecided on green veggie and baked fennel, and lots of raw veggies for karpas.

I don't like to cook with matzo other than matzo brie - we eat enough of it without adding farfel and whatnot (although I do have a great leek kugel with matzo and cream that I will make if there are guests). I'm trying to make mostly veggies during the week. Anyway, my kids don't like "recipes" - they just like simple foods.

We are hosting a family of 7 (twins and triplets!) for the seder, and they will bring wine and dessert.

Friday night is veg soup, fish, mashed potatos, and waldorf salad.

During the week we use kitniot (legumes) and quinoa when my IL are gone.

Artichokes are popular for us during passover as well.

We are having a communal meal Sat aft. at shul.

Happy cleaning! Lisa
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Matzah. And, um, wine. And the rest of the stuff from the seder plate.

I'm not sure what else yet.
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Darn double posting!

I do have a lot of my shopping done, but I'm not yet sure how I'm putting the meals together.
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Originally Posted by flminivanmama View Post
no one else?

ok here's a fun question - what do you make with those little cans of tomato mushroom sauce... :
Sorry, since she offered our plan is to go to IL the whole week

I'll be back next year with ideas though :
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that shepherd's pie sounds gooood
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For the seder nights I'm just serving soup. None of us will be hungry for much else that late at night anyway!

Friday night I'm planning to roast a turkey and serve with yams, baked potatoes, canned cranberry sauce, and some kind of green veggie. Then I'll use the leftovers creatively on the Yomim Tovim.

Anybody have a good recipe for a gluten free/non gebroks stuffing recipe?

I never buy the premade breakfast cereals either. I make my own from a granola recipe. I've simplified it over the years- now I just toast farfel in the oven while cooking up a sugar syrup (brown sugar or a mix of brown and white sugar, and some oil or butter cooked to syrupy consistency) then pour syrup over farfel, stir it up, bake some more, stirring every few minutes.

The original recipe called for shredded coconut, chopped mixed nuts, and raisins.
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Friday night and Shabbat erev Pesah we are having community meals at the synagogue. i'm making a side dish or some sort. i'll have to see what;s good at the farmer;s market.

Layla seder, only MIL is here. We'll have moroccan fish and salads (tbd by produce selection), lamb tajine, potatoes, veggie, fruit.

Lunch for the 1st day...soup and fried gefelte fish with salads.

Layla seder, 2nd night, we have company. She is helping cook and making fish adn some salads. I'll make soup and some salads, lamb with prunes, Pesah couscous, veggies tbd, fruit, cookies.

Lunch for the second day...Leftovers with a fresh green salad and some sort of brei.

Chol ha'moed and the second half...no clue.

The girls' birthday is the 7th day, so it will be big and then lighter on the eighth with mimouna to follow.
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How old will the triplets be?

DD2's 12th English birthday is also on the 7th day of Pesach this year, but her Hebrew birthday (and Bas Mitzvah!) are about 3 weeks later.
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They'll be 2. Just starting to realize things are happenning but still not getting it. One more year for that. LOL
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Wow! Cleaning for Pesach with 3 23mos? I hope you had help!
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Okay, so we are going to a friend's house down the street who is doing veggie sederim. Have been there before. Should be interesting.

During the week we will probably have:
--twice baked potatoes and salmon
--apple pancake (non-gebroks) for breakfast a couple of times
--latkes several times: sweet potato, potato and zucchini, apple
--chicken meat balls and potatoes
--grilled chicken and fruit and carrots and ???
--chava's strawberry icecream
--this matzah smothered in sugar/butter, dipped in chocolate, cooked in the oven
--something with all the sour cream I bought
--something with all the applesauce I bought

We can't have tomatoes this year, but I plan to make tuna melts and plain cheese on matzah melts.

What else?
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Oh, we make this leek dish that is so My DH made it one year when we were in the hospital during Pesach. My dh is NO kind of cook, and it turned out very yummy.

I would love some more food you wouldn't think of as Pesach food recipes.
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