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So, how do I get published?

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I have (what I think, anyway) is a great idea for a novel, that I would like to eventually turn into a series.

My only problem is I have no idea where to start...I don't want to get ripped off or have my book basically stolen from me, you know? Any ideas?
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I'll speak from what I read everywhere on the topic...

You have to worry about writing first: enjoy it, write it, finish the book, and THEN worry about publishing. No one will sign for series until the book you already wrote "made it" and has sparked enough interest in the characters for the publishing company to want to continue develop the topic. I read somewhere that publishing companies get bombarded with "great series" ideas, while they are simply not interested. All they want is a well-written story that they can sell NOW (unless, you are an established writer of course)...

P.S. I have accepted it as my own goal as well, because I have a bunch of stories I started but never finished, even though the ideas keep on popping into my head. At the same time, writing seems to demand a lot of discipline that I do not yet possess. That's okay, though, I'm working on it... And when I'm done, I'll be back here for "how to get published" ideas.
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I am confused about why your first concern is having your novel ripped off or stolen.

Start by writing the book. Get your first draft written. Put it in a drawer for a month. Take it out, read it, and write your second draft. Repeat as needed.

Then you will need to find an agent. A good way to do this is to look in the "acknowledgements" section of books with a similar audience to yours. The author often mentions his or her agent here. Then, when you contact the agent, you will have some foundation for discussion; you know he or she has published work in the same ball park.

But all this is way down the road. First, write your novel. If you want a good kick in the pants to get started, I highly recommend Walter Moseley's book "This Year You Write Your Novel." It is not at all the kind of mumbo-jumbo writing advice that is out there. It's extremely practical.
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Write the book. Then rewrite the book. Have someone else look at it and then rewrite some more.

I doubt you'd ever have problems with someone "stealing" your idea. I've submitted plenty of pitches to editors and plenty of book proposals and have yet to have anything stolen.

So, best place...just start writing!
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