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Are you going to find out the baby's sex?

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We're going to wait until baby is born. We found out with dd at her 21 week sono and planned to wait until birth with the baby we lost last year.

So, are ya gonna wait? Or are you dying to know?
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We're going to find out.
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No question, we're founding out as soon as we can.... although I already "know" its a boy :
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Yep. I cannot wait! Partially also because I have a not.so.secret hope that it's a girl and I want time to get into the idea of a boy if I need to.
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I have tried do something new with each baby and now that we are on #4 the only thing different left to do is not find out the sex. Now I just need DH to be okay with it
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I'm ok with waiting, but my DH would like to find out. I asked him why and he told me that he would feel more connected if he could attach a sex to the baby. I understand particularly since it's easy for me to connect so I'm cool with finding out the sex
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NO WAY am I finding out. This is our 4th baby and have not found out what the sex is untill the baby comes out and the Dr lets me see! It is the coolest thing. My husband gets to tell everyone and the other thing about it is that if you want a specific sex its easyer to deal with if it's not that sex when you are holding your beautifull baby in your arms. Plus people buy you all kinds of stuff and I never had any issue with not haveing clothes for the specific sexs(2boys and 1 girl). And with my last baby our 6 year old got to tell everyone which was really special for him! I Highly recomend not finding out!
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No. We found out both times with our boys and now I want the surprise to get me through those last agonizing moments of labor. I love the idea that you get to see before it's announced, I might try something like that. Maybe let DH be the announcer since he wants to find out the sex on u/s and I don't that might be a good compromise.
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We gotta know! I'm a planner.
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Sweet lord yes! We're not big into surprises. We're seriously the kind of people who tell eachother what we're getting for Christmas in October. We can't wait!!

Although I knew Cleo was a girl, and I don't have a strong feeling about this one. But we hope it's a boy!
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I am going to leave it up to DH - I am sure he will want to find out. He is kind of freaked out by even the idea of this pregnancy, partially because he is such a planner. We tried to find out with our first but she wasn't showing and with our second, we didn't have a mid-trimester ultrasound. I have liked not knowing, but if it will help him adjust better, it is something I can give him - especially since I got my way with the first two.
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Nope...We found out with the first 2 and are quite content to let this one surprise us
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YES! We've had three surprises already.. all girls. There's not many parts about pregnancy that are a surprise or secret to me anymore.
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We haven't decided yet... I'm on the fence. Last time the u/s tech showed us even though I told her we didn't want to know. I LIKE the surprise and not knowing until the end.
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We are finding out DH REALLY wants to know and if he knows I'll HAVE to know.
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With my first one, we waited until the birth. With this one, we are going to find out. I want both experiences.
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I had always said I wouldn't want to find out, but DH wants to know, and so I figure, why not. Just have to be slightly prepared in case they are wrong!
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with dd1, a doctor doing an ultrasound told us, even though we didn't want to know :
with dd2, we loved having a real surprise.
this time, we want a surprise, too (it's a pretty great moment, we think, to find out right at the birth).

people will be assuming we want a boy, so i'm sure i can expect lots of undiplomatic questions... but honestly, we don't care about the gender as long as he/she is healthy (DH actually said he loves being a father to girls, and would be thrilled to have another one).
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We'll be finding out. I'm really not sure I would be able to wait. I'd find out now if I could.
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If I could just pee on a stick, or have my blood drawn and find out I would; but we most likely won't be getting an U/S, so that = surprise!

We found out with the first two, and DS2 was a surprise.
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