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New To MDC, need advice

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I would like to start out with..I have allowed things to be done to my DS that I cannot change, but wish everyday I could...

My DS is 4 months old, I allowed him to have the Hep B shot at the hospitalhttp://www.mothering.com/discussions/images/smilies/greensad.gif

and he had a follow up at 2 months where he had the normal round of shotshttp://www.mothering.com/discussions/images/smilies/greensad.gif

After doing the research, I've decided I will no longer allow ANYTHING to be 'done' to my DS without through research and if I don't feel like it is necessary, to deny!

Here's my question/statement...

I was just reading on CDC that I was suppose to receive the VIS(Vaccine Information Statement) BEFORE any vaccs were administered...well, the NP gave me the sheets AFTER she gave DS the shots at the 2 month appt.
Is this completely illegal? I cannot prove it, only that my mother was there as witness...I'm insured with medicad for DS, and I'm thinking of changing Dr.'s..I haven't gone back to the office, mainly because I was always someone who thought Dr.'s words were golden, and NEVER questioned them..until I had DS...I'm extremely shy and not good with confrontation of any kind, I more or less just avoid the situation all together..what would you do?
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I don't think it's illegal not to get the VIS, I think it's just policy, that is hardly ever honored.

When my dd was born, she got the Hep B, and I trusted the dr and let him do it. Then all of the sudden I thought, " I have no idea what was in that"!
So, I started researching diligently and decided that I don't want ANY of that injected into my kids.
We got "fired" from that practice for not continuing with vax, so I stopped going. She was healthy, breastfed, no issues, so I figured, why go?

I searched around different boards online and found a no vax friendly doc for her 12 mo visit, and only have taken her a handful of times for school, etc.

So, I would tell you to research until you come to a decision you are totally comfortable with, search around for a no vax doc (try finding your tribe on MDC), and you don't HAVE to do well baby visits, so there's no rush.
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Yes, I don't think that it is illegal but you could make a case for Informed Consent, perhaps...I posted this on another thread but depending on where you are, a naturopath/homeopath might be a good option for you. The AANP has database of practitioners by geographic region but otherwise, yeah..don't do well baby visits and avoid the headache altogether!
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An informative article about VIS:

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WOW, thanks so much for your information...
I found a post in my tribe about a great doctor, now I must see if I can switch to him/her under my medicaid coverage..hmmm..fingers crossed!
Thanks again everyone. I can't go back and redo things done..but I can stand up for the future!!!
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