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anyone useing homeopathy for PPD

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I am not pg yet and am currently medicated for me depression.

I am going off meds for pg. I worry about PPD.

Anyone useing homeopathy to control/treat/handle PPD???

Also what about homeopathy and BFing.

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Make sure you are in a good place before you go off. I went off in June to get pregnant (didn't know I had already conceived a few days before) and have had no problems so far. For some people pregnancy can be protective and help with depression symptoms. I'm hoping I'll be able to stay off the entire pregnancy, but I know that might not happen. If so, I'll go back on the Zoloft. The first trimester is the key period, so if you can make it through that med free, that's great.

Take extra B vitamins -- especially 6 and 12. Take extra Zinc if you suffer from anxiety. Add flax seed oil. St. Johns Wort isn't recommended during pg or bfing, though it is a common natural substitute for ssri's.

Talk to your doctor and they should be able to give you some ideas.
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homeopathic gold

i just started homeopathic gold (today is day three). i'll let you know how it goes.
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i am seeing my homeopath this week to get help with post partum anxiety. i took zoloft for this in the past. i will keep you up to date on how it works for me.
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I saw a classical homeopath for depression in pregnancy. The remedy did take the edge off and allowed me to get through the pregnancy unmedicated. Oddly, it hasn't really worked postpartum.
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homeopathic remedies are totally safe while breastfeeding.
i was prescribed homeopathic cannabis for my pp-anxiety.
i will keep you up to date on how well it works for me.
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my homeopath treated me for pp-psychosis and has tried helping me with my depression, but it's pretty hard core. i still keep up to date with her, so she's treating me naturopathically. i'm using www.truehope.com they have a lot of anicdotal evidence of the effacacy of their product during pregnancy and breastfeeding. it's very high in b-vits, etc. their website has more info, but their customer service is great so i'd recommend calling them to discuss your personal situation - 888-truehope

best wishes,

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I have seent he TrueHope talked about before.

What is it?? It is a pill, or a program? Is it a herb or a homopathic thing? Is it a suplment, or a medication?

What is it and how do you use it?

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homeopathics and herbal remedies

I am currently taking a number of homeopathics as well as St.John's Wart for severe postpartum anxiety and depression. (I have a psychiatrist as well as a naturopath following my progress). The St.John's Wart has made a significant difference in the anxiety, and the various homeopathics address specific emotions like fear or anxiety, acute sadness or chronic sadness. I've really seen a difference since I started this regimen - for one I've stop the constant crying and the fear is much more managable. Suicidal ideation has also lessened. I still get scary thoughts of hurting my baby but I am far more in control over the thoughts - there is much more space between the thoughts and actual action. The one thing that I still struggle with is the sense of being disconnected with my baby. I've just let my naturopath know about this and hopefully there is a remedy for this as well.
Overall, I'm really impressed with the difference homeopathics and the herbs have made!!! I would highly recommend trying them.

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I've tried three different remedies, but they haven't helped all that much.
Where does it say St. John's Wort isn't safe for bfing?
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St.John's Wart and breastfeeding

According to Motherrisk, St. John's Wart is totally safe for breastfeeding. I haven't come across anywhere saying otherwise!

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PP Depression and Alternative meds

I had a serious Scary PPD after my first son 11 years ago. I was terrified it would return after my second son that was born 2 years ago. I swear it was the Essential Fatty Acid supplements and Flax seed oil I took. I did not suffer again. I still take them every day and they are fine for breastfeeding!!
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Also please know that many antidepressants are considered okay to take during pregnancy. With SSRIs, there is a sort of a risk/benefit ratio. If a mom is miserable then in the end that's not better for the baby than taking certain SSRIs b/c you are far less likely to take great care of yourself when you're suffering from depression. And if a mom has any thoughts of harming herself or the baby, then meds that alleviate those thoughts are preferable. If you can get off meds and still feel good then that is ideal. If you can't, then you can try a smaller dose or switching to an antidepressant that has been well-studied for pregnancy (you may already be taking one that's considered okay).

Regarding homeopathics, I know a lot of people have good results with sepia. It's good for depression that has an anxiety and/or anger part. I don't generally respond to sepia (despite my anxiety/anger, LOL!) but I tend to respond well to pulsatilla at times when I'm really feeling forlorn. Bach's Rescue Remedy isn't homeopathic, but is another product that helps me.

Great nutrition is important, also. Be sure to take high-quality prenatal multivitamins, something like Rainbow Light or Vitanica. Adding fish oil is great. Make sure you get a brand that screens for metals (Carlson's is one brand that's supposed to do so). Also flax seed oil. Ample protein during pregnancy is extremely important, and if you don't get enough you'll crave sweets, which has a bad effect on depression! There is some debate about how much protein, but generally at least 75 grams is recommended (unless you are a longtime vegetarian, in which case you may get by on a minimum of ~60-65).

Good luck!


P.S. I just wanted to add that I saw my nurse practitioner the other day to discuss pregnancy and antidepressants, and she said that she does not consider St. John's Wort safe during pregnancy. She is knowledgeable about alternative treatments and thought I should continue taking some SJW in order to keep my dose of Lexapro low, so she definitely isn't anti-herbals. She just feels that the risk of Lexapro during pregnancy is much lower than SJW (plus Lexapro is way more effective for me).
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I used Motherwort tincture. I got it from www.savvymama.com
I had severe PPD and it really helped. Good luck mama.
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this is not homeopathy but is natural and it totally helped my hormone crash..and ppd.


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Homeopathy worked great for me. But, remember herbs aren't homeopathy and you really should be seeing someone with alot of training, PPD is nothing to fool around with.
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