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I hate hate hate hate hate military clinics!!!

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So, I'm pretty sure I posted here around 6 weeks ago, that my 2 year old and I had thrush, and I was pretty desperate to get it treated before the baby was born.

When the baby was born, I wasn't totally sure it was cleared up, so I asked for (and was refused) another prescription of nystatin in the hospital.

Lo and behold - my 3 week old has thrush. Big white spots on her tongue.

Anyway, so I called my community clinic, and raised hell, telling them that if they had listened to, and treated me completely 6 weeks ago, my newborn would not now have thrush, and they damn well better get me an appointment today or tomorrow. Well, apparently there aren't any pediatricians at our clinic anymore, so I would have to drive either one hour to Heidelberg, or 45 minutes to Wiesbaden. I made them schedule an appointment for *me* in the morning...so fingers crossed I can convince the doctor to treat me and my 2 nurslings!

BTW, what are the symptoms of thrush in Mom? I'm not in pain or anything, and my nipples aren't cracked or bleeding, but I'm gonna have to lie and say that I am experiencing symptoms to get treated.
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Your boobs would itch like hell, and in many cases moms get mastitis. It is nasty, so I would get treated if I were you. Give 'em hell mama!
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Can you get Gentian Violet over there? Less hassel and works great. Messy, yes.

Shooting pains in the breast, peeling or cracked skin on the nipples, and itching are all symptoms in Mom.

We just got over thrush here. My 2 year old, the baby and myself were purple-urples for a week.

Hope you get what you need!
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Itching boobs is thrush? Heck, I won't have to lie!! I thought it was just dry skin!
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yeah & it hurts like [a lot] to nurse!
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Grrr... I still hate military clinics.

I went in on Friday; after spending about 20 minutes with the ped discussing everything BUT the thrush, even after me saying "You are NOT her regular pediatrician, this is why you don't have this information, and really, you don't need to know about any of this anyway to treat her THRUSH!!!" and having to repeat myself 15 times on everything..."how much did she weigh at birth?" "6 pounds, 9 ounces" "and she was born in Heidelberg?" "Yes" "and how much did she weigh?" "I just TOLD you!!!!"

Anyway!!! After spending 20 minutes with the ped before getting her to look at Victoria's mouth, she finally confirmed my diagnosis of thrush, and gave Victoria drops, and me a cream...but, get this - she refused to treat my 2 year old!!! So I'm doing the homeopathic route with her, and will go back to the clinic in 10 days, still having thrush, and will explain how yeast infections work, using monosyllabic words, compete with diagrams and printouts, because apparently this pediatrician can't seem to figure out that even if the toddler does not have white spots in her mouth TODAY, she is the original source of the thrush (having been on antibiotics in February), is still nursing, and is TWO, meaning she puts everything in her mouth and then tries to shove it in the baby's mouth, and therefore still is exposed to thrush and needs to be treated at the same time as me and the baby!!!

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IDK what to say. It doesn't make any sense that they wouldn't treat her.

I hope the homeopathy works.
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Oh, I had thrush with DS and I know how awful it is. I'm sorry you've got to deal with this and especially those doctors. argh

I second the gentian violet, it worked for us. I don't know what it might take to do it, but If you can't get any yourself maybe I could mail you some?
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