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Birth in another part of the state -what would you charge

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I have a question for midwives. If someone wanted you to be at their birth and they were in another part of your state, what would you charge. I'm talking about an 8 hour drive away. Would you go live there for the three weeks prior to due date? How would you handle this?

It would mean not taking clients for that period
Leaving home and living somewhere else
cost of travel to the location

Thanks for any input
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Well, if I take 4 clients a month and I can only take one because of her, I would charge her for the lost income of the other 3 births I am sacrificing for her plus travel expenses.
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One more thing to consider - are you planning to do some combined care with another closer person for her prenatal? Are you going to discount her some for that?

What about your clients back home during your absence? Who will cover your 14 week clients who want to listen to the baby's heartbeat while you're gone (or, heavens forbid, someone goes into preterm labor)?

Is it a primip? If you have a good covering person in the area to be there for early labor, you probably could get there in time. Is it a situation where there's a good midwife/doc, but she wants you and would be OK with the other person or a situation where there isn't any other good option and you're the only one.
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It seems unrealistic if you have any other clients.
Since it does not serve your local clients well who are your base business.

How about this gal comes to you?
Nancy Wainer has women come to her in Massachusetts to give birth. I don't know the exact details but i have heard from a few people that they went to Nancy to have a HVBAC when it was impossible were they live.
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I've travelled to other countries to attend births (I'm heading to thailand for a birth in a few weeks), where there is literally no option for a HB MW.
I plan to be there a few weeks before the edd and stay until at least a week postpartum
but I don't take on more than one client in a month anyway.
If you were to accept a client 8 hours away, I think you'd need to discuss it with the client. explain your loss of income from other clients, your travel expenses, etc.
how will you handle prenatals and such?
its a lot to consider, but for probably half of the time, driving 8 hours to get to a birth is too long - you'll likely miss it, or end up driving there at the first strong BH, and then be there for a week.

ETA just a thought;
if it;s such a long distance, would the client consider chartering your a flight or helicopter? It's probably pretty pricey, but for the MW you want, maybe worth it. then you'd be just an hour away.
I know it might sound crazy, but in Australia, Drs fly in to patients in the outback all the time.
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I wouldn't do it, or I should say that the only people I would do that for would be close friends and family and there wouldn't be a charge.

I suggest you try and network and find someone in her area or else have her come stay in your town, in a hotel or motel.
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