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David Jacob is here

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Putting in an appearance before grandma could get here to watch the big siblings David showed up Monday afternoon. We came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon and my mom flew in last night. After avoiding bp meds through my pg I got sent home on medication as it was the only way to keep my bp down. I'll edit this to include a birth story link when I've got it written down.
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Congratulations! enjoy your new son!
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Congrats on the Baby Boy!!!!
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congrats welcome david! enjoy your babymoon!
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what a beautiful baby! happy babymoon!
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Congratulations on his safe arrival!! He's beautiful!
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Lovely! Congratulations! :
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Congrats, Kristina and family and welcome baby David! He's beautiful!
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aaawwww! all your kids are cute, and they look so happy! Congratulations!
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Aw, he's lovely Congratulations!
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Welcome baby David!
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*bumping all births we've had so far !!!*
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