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It "MIGHT" be my turn ...He's Here !!! Update post #15 w/ pics

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I have snot stuff with blood in it coming out and the contractions hurt I think they are warm up contractions. My mw told me to walk eat and rest. I'M SOOOOOOOO DAMN NERVOUS ...... where the hell is my bag ???? Did I pack a bag ???

p.s. it's weird because when the contraction goes away I'm okay.......
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Oh good luck mama!! Keep us posted if you can, I hope this is it for you
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Good luck! It sounds very promising!
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Originally Posted by amaayeh View Post
Good luck! It sounds very promising!
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Good luck; hope this is it for you!
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Hope you are doing okay, mama.
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: !!!

Sounds promising. The being ok when they go away is a good thing, too. It's your body taking a break. Trust it and go with it.
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I loved early labor because the contractions felt so good. I mean they got rougher and rougher as time went on, but when they went away I could feel the endorphins and I felt goooood.

Rest! and eat! thats GREAT advice! Get some eggs down if you can.
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Hope you're holding your little one now!
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she IS!! and he's GORGEOUS!! can't wait for the story, mama

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Ok, I just checked out your MySpace page.

Congrats mama!! He's beautiful!!
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Awww yay!
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Ok, mama, I put aside my MySpace phobia to check out your little guy, LOL. He's absolutely adorable!! Congratulations!
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He's so cute! I hope you are doing well! Can't wait for the birth story.
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HELLLLLLOOOOOOOO LADIES !!!!!!! Wow where do Is start ????

I will give you the readers digest until I write the whole story.

Well labor started Thursday around 7p.m, I thought it might be gas or something but it got stronger and had a pattern. I tried to go to sleep but could not sleep through it, I kept trying to go to the bathroom for some odd reason . When I got to Columbia, MO where the birth center is my mw checkd me and I was 4 cm dilated and 70% effaced !!!! I was shocked because at first I thought I had a bad case of gas.

Laboring. I will not lie, it hurt like hell, I wanted to jump out of my skin but I was focused, I could not rest in between contractions because they were so darn close. I honestly do not see how moms have natural births in the hospital around all that temptation, I have a new found respect for those that do because I'm not sure I would have been so brave and strong had I had someone offering me pain relievers, but the thought sounded so nice at the time.

Pushing. I waited for the urge to push and let me tell you I thought it was something out of the exorcist because it was like my body literally took me over and I could not control it, it helped because I only pushed for like 25 - 30 minutes which seemed like for ever. I don't remember having the "ring of fire" I felt pain all over and I thought my whole rectum was dismantled lol.

Rewarding. He was so worth it, he did not cry, he made noises to clear his airways it was so surreal when I seen him I could not believe that I gave birth to him, he was 8.5 pounds and 21.5 inches.

p.s. Moms and moms to be , the environment you are in makes one hell of a difference when you are laboring.

Now I see what moms mean when they say it's hard to describe the pain of labor .

p.s. the pics are a bit graphic

password is metuneter. U might not need it.
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Awesome pics... you look so much less wasted than I did after my first was born! ;-)

Congratulations! You did it!
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congratulations again!! the pics are amazing - you look so peaceful and centered and beautiful! looks like you had a great team around you. wonderful story!
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Congrats! Off to look at the pics..
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Congrats!!! Photos are awesome, way to go!!!
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