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0h.my.god! Birth story-Azara Iman

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So after all the complaining I did, two rounds of acupuncture, membrane stripping and general mediation....I had about lost my mind on Tuesday. My baby just wasn't ready apparently. I was afraid of medical induction and thus called my homeopathic dr. I won't tell you exactly what she prescribed, b/c I think it needs to be specific to you.....but BOOM!

Wed morning, 4 hours after taking this homeopathic stuff......my water broke...then then I started heavily contracting at 2 and 3 minutes apart. So by 4:15 I wake my husband and make a bath. I get in the bath, ask him for some wine...he calls our midwife (for our hospital delivery). She asks if I can wait one hour, I say sure. By the time my sister and the midwife arrive? I am begging for pain relief, feeling the need to poo and vomit. She CHECKS me....tells us to get the car ready. we have to go! I was 8cm. (she later confesses I am 10cm) NO WONDER I WANTED AN EPI!

The car ride was no fun. I was gushing everywhere and felt like pushing! My midwife says just ask the baby to wait!! which i did!

We get in the car and RUSH to downtown LA where, I am rushed up to a room, get on the bed, the squatting bar goes up, I push 5 times, maybe 6 and her head is born, I lay back, then her body comes out. Hubby helped catch her! I love my midwife!

She was delivered to my chest, where I scream, there is my HEALTH GIRL!
She weighed 7 lbs 14 oz, 19 inches long. 3 inches shorter than my son! I literally did not know what hit me, but it was amazing and I am still high on that birth.

Wishing you all the best on your labor journeys. And if you are REALLY ready, see an herbalist or homeopath. DO NOT TRY THIS ON YOUR OWN!

She is amazing, nursing like a fiend. totally ready to be here! oh, and she was FACE UP which should have meant a reallllllly long labor. Come to think of it I think that's why it wasn't happening. Gotta go nurse. Hugs!
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Congrats Mama! Enjoy the babymoon!
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congratulations - wow what an exciting story!! enjoy the new LO
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Congratulations! Great story! Enjoy your little girl
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Congratulations!!! What a great birth! So glad you were able to hold off pushing while you were in the car!
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Congrats enjoy your babymoon!
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Congrats Momma!!!
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that's awesome! congrats mama!
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You're in LA, huh? I may have to ask for the name of your naturopath! ;-)

Which hospital was that? Good Sam? That's where we're headed (not *exactly* downtown, but close enough from most parts of town).
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*bumping all births we've had so far !!!*
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headed to a chiropractor today. my hips don't know what went through them and she wasn't even 8 lbs. turns out she was sunny side up though, which makes for some real lovely back labor.
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