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Super Stuffy!

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I feel like a super mucus factory...more that usual. It doesn't help that things around here are starting to bloom. It's starting to get me up in the really early morning or the middle of the night.

Anyone else going through this?
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I'm getting over a bad cold plus deep South allergies. It's awful. I actually freaked out today when I got my positive EPT because I had been taking Mucinex, which contains two Category C drugs. Eep. My midwife buddy says I should be fine, that OBs actually prescribe some C drugs during pregnancy, so not to worry. But I still am.

Yes, it's awful. It's why i'm awake at 6:30am. Woke up and couldn't breathe or quit coughing. I'm taking lots of decaf green tea with honey, which helps. I was told Benadryl was perfectly safe for pregnancy, but i'm not that desperate yet.

Anyway, I feel your pain. It's awful!
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