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Hiya ladies! I'm movin over here since seeing my OB last week. My due date is Dec. 4. Which is fanflippintastic! We have a ton of birthdays in November in my family, including our youngest. This babe will be the only December baby in my family!

He also told me that he's familiar with the work of the doctor that did my c/s and he doesn't see a problem having a VBAC this time!

I have to start anticoagulant therapy this month. He said there's no way around it and it won't harm the baby at all. Ugh, needles everyday..

I told him that I won't agree to an induction (all three pregnancies) or another c/s unless its absolutely necessary. He totally agrees! Yay!

He's super supportive and very experienced. He's very familiar with the complications I'm prone to. I'm so excited about this pregnancy! I look forward to getting to know you guys!
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Hey sista girl....welcome to December!!!!

Another BC mama bruising herself with needles, eh?!?

F*ck, my stomach is black and blue but you won't hear me complaining....I am enjoying every minute of this pregnancy. What is your reason? I have a Protein S deficiency and am on Heparin 5000ug twice daily.

Glad to hear that you are getting the birth you want.
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Welcome Welcome.

I am a 3x successful VBAC (2 HBAC's). You can do it! It is wonderful that you have found a supportive health practitioner. I have hyperemesis which causes many complications in my pregnancy but no real harm in my delivery. It is nice to have someone who can treat your "high risk" issues....where they belong and not just a broad label.
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Congrats on your pregnancy and how great that you found a doctor that you really feel good with
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I had a pulmonary embolism at 31 weeks with my youngest daughter. There's just no way around it.

I started naturopathy to combat my problems with my pancreas last year. I got 6 needles a day with various meds. I'm not concerned about the heparin needles, but I'll be preggers over summer, and we have a pool. My colorful belly will be makin many appearances!
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Here's to successful VBACS!
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