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Here for a bit

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Hi! After three plus years, and some a.r.t., here I am! Our bean isn't doing well. My blood beta/hcg is quite low, and there is some concern that this may be an ectopic pregnancy. But, for the time being, I'm posting on a ddc, darn it! I've been waiting for this forever, and I just want to enjoy it while it lasts. Prayers, good thoughts and crossed fingers that our bean is both healthy and in the appropriate body cavity are more than welcome. Hopefully, I'll be joining you for good on Monday, after a ultrasound and a second beta.

I'm Katia, I live in the arctic, and this is my second pregnancy. The first ended just over two years ago, with our daughter's death in utero. Any other mamas in here pregnant after a loss? I think, even if things looked awesome and perfect this time, I'd still be on pins and needles!

Congratulations to all of you on your new little people.

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This is my fifth pregnancy in a year, one of those losses was a ruptured ectopic where I bled internally for three days, lost my left fallopian tube and nearly died.

Oddly no, I am not all that worried regarding this pregnancy as I feel like this is "the one", ykwim?!?
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I tried PMing you back but your box is full...
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Emptied out a bit now...
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I am glad you are here to join us. I will be praying/sending sticky vibes for you.

Babies are a blessing and should be celebrated no matter the length of time we are able to carry them. I know I have held this in my heart more than once.
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I'm holding you and your bean in the light. You have such a terrific attitude, which is surely a blessing for your little one.
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Your in my prayers hun!
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