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I was with an RE as well, so have one ultrasound next Friday, at 6 weeks, one 2 weeks later at 8 weeks, and then if all is well I'll be "released" to a prenatal care provider (midwives for us!). It feels a little over the top, but since I had a 12-week m/c before, I'll be glad to have some places to check in (particularly as my m/c turned into a medical emergency--so that would be less likely to happen again if we know more about how the little one is developing). I figured I'll call my midwives sometime after my first u/s.
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We got pregnant through hcg shot ovulation induction so we see a Reproductive Endocrinologist and have to stay with him until 10 weeks. I've already had two blood draws and have an ultrasound Monday to confirm a uterine pregnancy. Its a little invasive, but on the other hand, I had a m/c in January and its very reassuring to be followed so closely!
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I have been in touch with the midwife I had already picked for this pregnancy and she told me when ever I wanted to do my first one just to let her know. Soo I don't know when yet lol
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I don't have a first appt yet - am just in the process of arranging consultations with homebirth midwives. There's 2 main ones we're considering. I'm pretty bummed because we had an instant connection with the midwife we picked when I was pregnant last time (I miscarried at 6 weeks) but she's not here for my new due date. I really loved her! But I'm thinking that my first appt would be around 8 weeks.

However, I called my gynecologist (who I saw once last year) and got his office to order me blood tests b/c I'm so worried after the last m/c. I had one last Thurs at 16dpo and it was normal and am having another tomorrow to see if levels are rising and also test progesterone. This makes me feel a little better. I may even make a first appt if they would give me an u/s to see what's going on. I feel bad like I'm taking advantage but any security makes a real difference to me.

I know some people don't want to have early prenatal appts but with the amount of questions we always seem to have in the first trimester, it seems like there should be some better system. It just seems like people don't get the early care they need so that if something does happen women are dealing on their own or have to deal with emergency rooms, which sucks.
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Tomorrow is my "official first ob visit" even though I had an "obp" (ob-problem) a couple weeks ago. They thought it was ectopic, but then saw a sack, whoo hoo!

I'm high risk for a variety of reasons.

The doc will do the ultrasound tomorrow. We should see a heartbeat.
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I'm going to start with a disclaimer that this might be a little bit of a rant...

I'm an American living in and immigrating to Canada as a spouse. I was finally "approved in principle" by immigration in February meaning that I became eligible to work and have health care. So we went ahead and started TTC. We just bought our first house and moved to Quebec from Ontario and now suddenly I no longer qualify for health insurance because Quebec insists on approving all potential immigrants itself even if they've already been approved by Canada (this is the only province where this is the case .

Soooo... to have care in Quebec we'll have to pay out of pocket (to the midwives for hopefully a homebirth, and then if anything goes wrong and I have to be admitted to hospital we'll have to pay them on top of the midwives).

On top of all that, the waiting lists for the only 7 midwives in the entire region are extensively long and some other practitioners won't even see you at all until 28 weeks!#@%& because they are so backed up. So we go on April 22 for an "information session" with the midwife group, but that doesn't mean they'll actually have a place for me. So I'm pretty much in limbo . I haven't even been able to get a blood test to tell me if my levels are where they are supposed to be (I miscarried early last pregnancy and have a family history of low progesterone levels). In fact I was told by the midwives that "no one can do anything to prevent an early miscarriage so calm down"!

I have to admit the health care system here frightens me. Luckily my mom is a labor and delivery nurse so I have a good source of free advice!
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My doctors office doesn't do the first prenatal until 12 weeks, but I do have to go for a 'confirmation of pregnancy' appointment (tonight), which is really a waste of time. They do a urine test, figure out your due date, and see if you have any questions.
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Wow, JuliaV what a rough situation! I hope you can find a solution. How far from the boarder are you? Are you able to drive into the US and find a doc?
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Originally Posted by bronxmom View Post
I know some people don't want to have early prenatal appts but with the amount of questions we always seem to have in the first trimester, it seems like there should be some better system. It just seems like people don't get the early care they need so that if something does happen women are dealing on their own or have to deal with emergency rooms, which sucks.
AMEN!!! My old OB who I knew I'd switch out of anyway, wouldn't see me until 9 weeks with my first child and didn't even give me a Prenatal or tell me to take it! I mean if I weren't a smart woman, what would I have done?

With my last pregnancy I called them and they said the same thing, but I didn't know how far along I was. I had to ASK for a prenatal vitimin. Then I miscarried and they were the BIGGEST jerks about it. Like just told me I was never pregnant without even seeing me.

I went to a new OB and they examined me and all was fine, I had miscarried though. I do feel that early testing with no previous problems can be overkill, but I also think you should have an early consultation to make sure you're taking care of yourself properly and have all of your concerns met.
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I have an appt in a few week with an OBGYN. He delivered my DD but not my son. No clue what I will do this time around, I already had the appt (Was suppose to be getting The Pill LOL)though so may as well keep it.. I also have an appt for a US to date it because I'm sooooo confused about when that happened.
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10-12 weeks.
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I haven't called yet. Didn't till 12 weeks last time. Guess I should make sure they aren't taking a vacation that month or anything though :-p
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Likely be around 12 weeks.
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Just made an appointment for around 8 weeks. My regular doctor is totally booked 'til June, so I agreed to see the new ob-gyn at the practice. Dr. M was just telling me earlier this week how great she is, so I'm sure it will be all right. The first visit is mostly just tests to make sure everything's OK and a chance to ask questions, anyway.

I did kind of want to see Dr. M, though, because when I saw her just 3 days ago she wrote me a bunch of prescriptions for fertility drugs. We'd been trying for 14 mos. with no luck. It figures that after I'd finally given up would be when I got pregnant! Guess I'll be tearing up those prescriptions.
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I'll probably go around 8 or 9 weeks, but simply b/c I'm then leaving the country for 2 months, and I want a dating U/S before I go to confirm my dates (ovulation was a bit wonky last cycle). Then I won't go again till around 18 weeks or so (when I return to the U.S.).
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I have a blood work appointment at 9 weeks and then the first ob-gyn appointment at 11 weeks. Part of me really wishes it was sooner--but really, what would they do sooner anyway? Maybe I just want something besides a little stick with two lines telling me that I'm pregnant?
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I tell you, today has been the worst run-around of health care providers ever.

1. Had an appt. with old midwife practice today at 9:30. They called at 7:30 to cancel and reschedule for next Friday up a highway with an OB i've heard bad things about. I screeched. They rescheduled me for 1:30 with a non-delivering mw.

2. I requested an ultrasound to get an EDD, since my window of conception is Feb 25 - March 25. She said they are overbooked on u/s until next Friday. They have also decided not to deliver at my local hospital after this fall, so I would have to drive into downtown Atlanta. NO. I cancel everything with them out of sheer frustration.

3. I call new midwife, with whom I had planned to deliver in the long run but who had a longer wait. Request an earlier appointment, see if anyone has canceled for tomorrow. Receptionist is snippy and tells me to call back next Wednesday.

4. Call midwife on cell phone number provided by ICAN leader. She gets all my info and says u/s company will call me to schedule an ultrasound before Friday afternoon. Yay!

5. U/s company calls and schedules for next Tuesday up a horrible highway. Nothing earlier than Tuesday, and my mom has a doctor's appt that day and can't watch my toddler. Boo.

6. I am so upset, depressed, worried, hormonal, and feeling failed by the medical community.

7. I remember my cousin is the office manager for an OB in town. She gets me an appointment with her midwife TOMORROW for an exam and ultrasound 10 miles from my house. Yay!

So, there you have it. My saga to receive medical care. Since I am still nursing and haven't had a period, I don't know if i'm 6 weeks or 10 weeks along. No clue. So i'm freaked out, which is why the saga. I'm also scared of highways. I feel like a foolish nut, but by gosh, I am getting what I need.
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