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Progesterone Question

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I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my doctor did a super early ultrasound - based on my LMP and came up with the diagnosis of possible ectopic. Today had a second ultrasound which revealed a normal.. but still early intrauterine pregnancy - yippee! I do however have what appears to be a corpus luteum cyst. The doctor suggested I take progesterone until my next visit, stating that it will shrink the cyst and generally support the pregnancy.

I remember that couple other people mentioned they were taking progesterone. Aside from the cost, do people have concerns about taking it? The doctor didn't seem very concerned about the cyst and from my internet research it didn't seem like a big deal... has anyone else had one of these?

Yes, I know I should be asking my doctor all this... I do... but we have an ever so slight language barrier. I really like her but she explains things with funny words sometimes!!
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Hi Terra! Good news on it not being ectopic!!! I don't have any experience with pro. but I did want to say that I am happy that your pregnancy is moving forward
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I was on progesterone with my last PG and this one. The cost was not too bad for me. I am on 50 mg sapositories (sp?) 2 times a day and for like 80 it was only $73. The only thing I didn't like about it from the last time is that I had really bad morning sickness because of it. I guess all and all it wasn't so bad that I wouldn't do it again.....well wait I am doing it again My midwife said that the research shows that it can't hurt. Good luck
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