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Help? Babe was born 5 days ago, my milk still isn't in. - Page 9

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I figured I'd do another update

Since the 7th of November Orion has had ONE bottle (4 ounces of Mama2bababoo's milkies) when I had to leave ds for 4 hours with my MIL while I got a root canal done...

So it's party time!


I just wanted to let everyone who has been so wonderful with support, advice, websites, and even milkies (Veganmamma and Mama2bababoo you're wonderful! ) know the good news!

I still need to get him in to be weighed to make sure he's gaining ok, but all other signs are he's doing fine He is a little nurseaholic! Nurses alllllllllllllllllllllllll the time
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All I can say is

You rock! I knew you could do it!!
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Great to hear!! Well worth the troubles, I'm sure you'd agree.
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I am in awe of you!!!
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Aw thanks Yes SO worth the trouble! I had moments during all of this that I doubted that, but trusted everyone who told me it would be worth it, and yes it most certainly is! From knowing I'm feeding my son the best, to the time he actually looks at *ME* while he nurses, to being able to get far more sleep at night than if I had to prepare bottles, its so worth it! Now if my Dh would just stop asking me "are you sure he's getting enough??" because he nurses SO much (especially at night)
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That's GREAT news! Congrats!
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Wonderful news! What an inspiring story.
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Hey Lisa! WooooooooHoooooooo!!!!!! I knew you could do it!! I would have posted earlier, but have been nursing ds back to health from recent surgery. I'm totally excited for you and your little man!

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Wow. What an awesome thread.
I'm exhausted from reading it.

But boy do I love a happy ending ...

Thank you so much for sharing this, Lisa Lynn ... and congratulations on your beautiful boy ...

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Thank you Amy! It is certainly a book isn't it? :LOL I'm very glad things are working out too! Gotta get ds weighed to relieve those bits of worries I still have... but we are doing great!
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Way to go Lisa!! He's a lucky boy!
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Thank you AnnMarie! And I'm a lucky Mama! I never would have guessed how darn EASY breastfeeding is now from those first 6 weeks or so! Time consuming still (ds is a constant nurser at night) but so much easier than breaking out a bottle. I just wish Dh didn't feel so left out... he's never home when ds is agreeable without having to be on the breast 24/7. I just keep reminding myself, and Dh, that this time is short, and that Dh can help out when we get to solids (not until at LEAST 6 months, maybe later if he doesn't have the "signs", and no solids unless he's got a full tum of breastmilk first!).

It was very sweet last night Dh went to bed when ds was happy... and about 5 minutes after Dh went to bed he called me in "can you bring in Orion, I miss him..." It was too sweet! So I brought him in and we all hung out until Daddy was passed out.
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Yeah for you, you nursing momma!

You and little Orion and your dh rock!!!!

What a happy nursing family!! I remember feeling like my hubby was sorta left out too for a while there, but baby grows sooooo quick and then they are wrestlin in the bed together, just like a DH and ds/dd should!

I loved your story and hope I have time to print it out someday...

I hope that all new mommas can be a strong momma bear like you and have the courage to persevere, even in the face of the MD world!

With good friends, correct advice and lots of love!

Ode to the strong women of the world!!!
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Aw thank you Sarah! I'm so glad I perserved. I just used my stubborness to get through it (kinda the same thing I did when I quit smoking over 3 years ago).... Everytime I thought about quitting I'd think about how I'd feel later on.... that really gave me the strength to continue. I would have felt HORRIBLE if I would have quit without a huge struggle!
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Hi Lisa--
I just wanted to add my congrats as well to you!!! I had a similar story although not as severe...planned natural birth ending in many drugs and a c-section, milk not coming in for a while, etc., and it's great to hear of another mama who persevered.

Many pats on the back to you and your cute baby! I saw your pic on breastfeeding.com.

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Hi Lisa,

Just wanted to add my 'CONGRATS' to the pile .I have nothing but respect and admiration for you!

I was telling your story to a friend of mine the other day. Now granted, this friend is *quite* young (mean both in years and in attitude) and has no children, but her response was "Why doesn't she just give him formula? I was raised on formula and I'm just fine." I wanted to SMACK her...I didn't, BUT I WANTED TOO! My feeble response, thru gritted teeth, was that you wanted what was best for your babe, as I do, and as breastfeeding is the absolute BEST, you were willing to to make some short term sacrifices. WEll, more than short term, but relatively speaking.

I HATE this attitude, just HATE it! I didn't go thru anything near what you went thru, but BF'ing didn't come easy to ds and I and we struggled for a few weeks to get the hang of it and so this offends me personally. Do you ever get this? How do you deal with it? It made me feel like she was negating your whole struggle and mine too (altho as I said, didn't experience anything like you).

P.s. That's one little charmer you have there!
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Hehe Beth you're right I am up on breastfeeding.com! Or at least my boob is! :LOL

Pumpkinhead I've never had anyone flat out ask me why I didn't just use formula, most people around me know I was planning on breastfeeding very strongly, so I suppose they didn't think to ask if they felt formula was "fine".

I did have my best friend, when I called and was whining to her on the phone say "Why don't you just give him a bottle then?" : She didn't mean to be rude, her son is just a few months older than mine, and she started supplementing him very early (within the first month) because he would want to nurse 24/7 and just figured he was "too hungry" and when her nipples wanted to fall off from him being on the breast forever (she never saw a LC to see if his latch was ok or anything... ), and assumed the same with me. Regardless of me explaining when she was going through this about growth spurts and comfort nursing and such. Her son weaned at 4 months old because she wasn't comfortable nursing in public so she gave bottles and while her mom was in the hospital from surgery gave so many bottles that her ds refused to nurse afterwards.

Anyways it pissed me off that she said that to me, when I was just looking for a supportive and kind ear.... but all I told her was something about how dedicated I was to breastfeeding and that I WAS going to breastfeed him regardless and that it would feel like a personal failure to me if I didn't.

No one else has cared to say anything, but if they did I've got a handy dandy "why breastfeeding is grand" paper I put together from lots of sources, and if it was someone I saw regularly I'd give it to them next time I saw them. I'm horrible at good comebacks in the middle of things though...
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