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For DONA PP ladies!

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Has anyone else had trouble with the Lactation Education Resources online class? I've been emailing them and calling them to try and get payment and certification resolved. I took the class at the end of March and they haven't charged me yet, they also only certified me for the three required chapters, but not the extra two that I took and paid for. Yesterday when I called I got hung up on. I thought it might have been a mistake so I called back and got sent to voicemail.

What should I do? I'm nervous because I didn't send them a check (which I could easily cancel). I wrote down my credit card number, which may have seemed dumb to you guys at the time, but they seemed credible and I trust DONA, and most of all I thought charging it would be FASTER.
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Tell this to DONA if they recommended them!
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I just got an email from them apologizing and saying they were going to correct their mistakes...I don't know what caused the sudden change, but things seem to be ok now. Maybe they saw my post here or somewhere else?
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So now we know the secret weapon to get things done.
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