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Judah Magnolia

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Labor was long, but good!
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happy babymoon!!!!! congrats mama!!!!!
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Congratulations!! Wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing them.
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Congratulations! Beautiful pictures!

OT, but you look just like one of my former midwives. Like sisters.

OT#2 , are your pans pink?! That's cool!
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Congrats Mama! Great pics!
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Welcome babe!
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Congrats Momma!!!!
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oh he is soooo cute!!!!!

I love the b & w of you and your dp and Judah (I'm assuming here) I think it's number 2058.
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Congratulations! Enjoy your little one! The photos are great; thank you for sharing. I want to come to your house and sit in that big comfy chair in your living room
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Congratulations! Loved the photos!
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ooo he is so sweet, and you look so happy, congrats!
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aww! welcome to the new little bundle, congrats to you and your family!!
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i was looking at your wonderful pics. i like the pic with the baby on the blanket with the jer bears. also love the name magnolia. that is what my daughter's middle name is. you must be a dead head at heart too.congratulations.
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*bumping all births we've had so far !!!*
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