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My BIG Man is Here!

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Spencer Barrett was born 4-9-08 after 21 hours of HARD labor, then a much needed C-sec. He was 10 lbs, 5 oz with a 35.5 cm head, 36.6 cm chest, 22 in. It wasn't the birth I planned, but it was what needed to be done. He is so big and cute. I can't do the whole birth story now - need to heal my bleeding bf nipples. But anyway, will update in the near future with pics etc. He seems very advanced. 3 days old and can roll completely over on his side by himself and is very alert.

I am now excited TERRIFIED and worried about how to take care of this little being when I don't know ANYTHING about babies. Plus, the dogs haven't even come home yet.

Thanks for all your labor vibes mamas, they were felt and helped!
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Congrats Momma, I'm on my way to bleeding nipples also ....
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Congratulations! I know it can be scary, but you'll be a wonderful mom. And isn't it amazing how alert and strong big babies are!
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Congratulations mama!!
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Congratulations on your big boy! I'm glad you are all safe and sound!
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Congrats Mama! Enjoy the babymoon!
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happy babymoon!! i'm glad you're both healthy.
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Congratulations!!! :

Happy baby mooning...soak in looking at that little face!
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Enjoy your little one! I hope you and your body heal fully and well. Congratulations and sending ouchless vibes to your nipples!!!
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Congrats on your big boy, mama!!

Sending you well wishes. Hope for a fast and easy recovery. s
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Congratulations on your *big* boy!!! That's awesome!

Hope you are feeling well and recovered soon!
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*bumping all births we've had so far !!!*
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