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The Longest Yet Fastest Birth Ever...

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FIRST: My keyboard is better (my 6yo bathed it in a tall glass o'water) and I CAN POST AGAIN!!! I have been having MDC withdrawal for WEEKS!! I have missed posting to all of these exciting births and everything...drove me BATTY! Short trip, I'm aware...but still!

SECOND: Isabella Raelyn arrived yesterday at 1:17PM weighing 7lbs even, 20.5 inches long!

I was 4cm dilated, 85% effaced on Tuesday. By Saturday I had been in "active labor" for two and a half days with contractions every 10-20 minutes around the clock the entire time (exhausting!). They started to peak in intensity Saturday and go to the 3-4 minute range so we headed in, expecting about a few more hours of harder labor. After all of this contracting I was STILL only 4cm dilated, which befuddled us all. We decided to keep me at the hospital walking and stretching, just not officially admitted (LOVE my MW!) so there was zero time pressure to 'progress' from the hospital but she could keep an eye on me as she was a tad concerned.

By 11:30pm she checked me again, still no additional dilation. By this time the baby showing stress and I was getting exhausted. She asked me to give it one more hour before we commit to some form of intervention, which she wanted to start w/breaking my water as it was bulging and close to going anyways. She was getting concerned about baby's reactions and the fact that I hadn't slept longer than 20 minutes in days. She is SO supportive of natural birth, but she was getting a hunch something wasn't quite right.

20 minutes later my contractions seriously picked up and I now had major back labor to go with it. I was in agony. She was sure these were 'dilating contractions' since they were so intense. By 12:15pm she rechecked me and found STILL no dilation but I was almost 100% effaced. What she DID find was an adhesion on my cervix that was keeping it from dilating past 4cm, almost like it had been sutured shut. She reached up (discomfort doesn't begin to describe this move LOL) and literally just popped it open. There was a gush of blood and I instantly went from 4-7 cm dilated in a split second. The contractions went into overdrive at this point and I hit transition like a runaway train. My whole body was shaking and the chills were unbelievable. The nurse tried to get an IV into me and I my vein blew, so the IV team was paged for an emergency line to get into place (the IV gal was AMAZINGLY talented). The covered me with a jillion heated blankets and got the hot tub ready to go so I could try and relax/warm up. I was in the tub for less than five minutes when the contractions started double peaking and I needed to push.

Less than five minutes later her head crowned and the cord was around her neck twice and her arm once, she was completely entangled. My MW got that fixed and out she came. She was blue and had a hard time breathing for a while since she inhaled so much of the fluid, but they got her straightened out and her breathing stabalized. They didn't take her to NICU and let me have her skin to skin to get her temp up, although she had a hard time maintaining temperature for quite a while.

So, I labored for 3 days (hence the longest labor part) and ended up going from 4-10cm + baby born in under an hour (hence the fastest part). My midwife was teasing me that it was the longest, fastest birth she'd ever seen LOL. It was a wild ride but well worth it. I'm glad we didn't decide to stay home for the birth, which we had talked about doing. The adhesion was large enough that it wasn't going to open on it's own and between that issue and the cord problem we could have lost her. While I'm really a huge skeptic of medical intervention, this was an example of why they exist and do a great job. Granted, any OB would have been campaigning for a c-sec way before this, but my MW is just spectacular and thanks to her we had an awesome natural birth even with the complications.

So, we're home now (still only a 24 hour hospital stay...woohoo!) and we can't stop fawning over her. I'll post a pic when I figure out how to do that! I'm still worn out but she's doing well and nursing like a champ!

The funniest part was after she was born my MW came over with the 'consent to treat' forms and said...ummm we might want to get these signed! OOPS!!! LOLOL

(((((hugs to you all)))))
I've missed you ladies so much!!!!
Talk to you soon...hug all the new babies and mamas for me!!!!!!

PS They barely got one dose of abx in me for the strep issue before she was born, and they aren't sure if it got to her or not as things went so quickly...what should I be watching for since she inhaled a TON of fluid and mucus??? Thanks all!
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Wow! Sounds like your MW really is a gem. Did you have any cervical tearing or anything with your previous birth that might have caused the adhesion?

As for what to watch for... fever, listlessness, won't wake up to feed... the sort of things that should set off your mommy alarms anyway. GBS sepsis can progress *very* quickly, but the vast majority of cases (90%+) see onset within 24 hours of birth, so it's pretty unlikely by this point. (That goes for early onset, which is within the first week, and what mom's colonization status puts baby at risk for... late onset is also possible, and mom's status is irrelevant there, as is prophylactic antibiotic treatment.)
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Congrats momma, u r a trooper!!!!
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Congratulations! Can't wait to see a picture. And your midwife sounds amazing!
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SO happy for you!!!! COngratulations! :
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Wow! What a story! Congratulations!!
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Congrats mama! That is definitely a "wow" story!
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whooooooboy, what a wild ride!! congratulations to you and your new little trooper - and kudos to your MW!
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Congrats! what an amazing story
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Congratulations! Sounds like you and the baby really pulled through, with some amazing MW help. Enjoy your little one!
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congrats!!! happy babymoon!
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Congrats and happy babymoon!
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Astounding.. amazing... and truly a miracle! Can't wait to see pics!
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Wow! I'm so glad everything turned out so well under the circumstances, yay for awesome midwives!
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*bumping all births we've had so far !!!*
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