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Ultrasound monitoring while on Clomid?

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I'm just starting my first round of Clomid... My gyn wants me to come in on CD 21 for an ultrasound. What exactly is the point of having an u/s that late in the cycle? If I were concerned about the possibility of multiples, wouldn't it be too late at that point to do anything about it anyway?

Anyone have any insights for me on this one? I should have asked her at the appointment, but I was still reeling from a really insensitive comment she'd just made (another story altogether... *sigh*) and only came up with questions after we'd already left.
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I've never had an u/s that late. Usually it's cd21 bloodwork. Can you call and ask them why they want one so late in the cycle?
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I would HIGHLY recommend ultrasound monitoring for Clomid cycles. I'm only on 100 mg Clomid and last month, I produced SIX mature follicles and this month I produced FIVE. In April, I became anxious after CD 16 I hadn't ovulated (I ovulate on CD 14 like clockwork!) My RE brought me in to have an ultrasound and they found six huge honkin' follicles. My e2 levels were six times higher than normal so they were confident that I was going to release all six. That IUI cycle was cancelled because I had a really high risk of higher-order multiples. They vowed to monitor me earlier via ulatrsound this month. Well, I went in on CD 8 and they found 5 mature follicles. This cycle was cancelled as well.

I would try to push for a CD 11 ultrasound to check for mature follicles...and if there are only a few (2 or 3) then ask to be triggered so that the immature follicles don't have a chance to grow.
Good luck!
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I definitely agree with getting monitored in the first half of your cycle (still not sure why they'd want an u/s so late!). Clomid was very hard on my ovaries, and we only discovered it during an u/s in my 3rd cycle. I wish I had been monitored earlier on, since we would have discovered then that clomid just didn't work for me. My office usually does a cd1-3 u/s and a cd12 u/s.
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I also have a CD3 and CD16 ultrasound with clomid. When I wasn't close to ovulating on CD16 they did another on CD19.
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It could be that you have an ovarian cyst that they want to monitor. With clomid, I had a few cysts and did have extra monitoring to see if the size decreased after ovulation which it did. They eventually went away and were not an issue but if a cyst continues to grow, it could burst, bleed, etc and it can be serious.

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You didn't specify what your dosage is, but since it's your first cycle, I'll assume it's Clomid 50...? In which case the late U/S may just be to check whether or not your body will release the mature follicle on it's own, or whether you require a trigger. I seem to recall my first Clomid cycle they did something similar, although a bit earlier than CD21. I would definitely call and ask for clarification though. If you don't ovulate on your own, CD 21 is pretty much too late to trigger and it winds up being a wasted cycle.
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