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they were just 'it' for us. but i have had the girl name for like, ever.
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Originally Posted by ~Megan~ View Post
Do you wait for the "ah-hah!" moment and just know? Did you discuss it way in advance and this is the name no matter what? Do you look for something popular, does that matter to you at all? Do you look for something that matches your other kids names? Do you look at the meaning to decide?
Each time just seemed to be a little different. I mostly picked names on the first three, with a little input here and there from then-DH. Except for the middle name of my second child, none were family names. I put my foot down there - my family WAY over-uses names. (I have a brother whose 5 sons all have the same middle name as him, then there's about a dozen Ray/Rae middle names, and at least a good 8 or 9 Louise's, a few Merrill's, a handful of Mae's, and a couple of Timothy's. Then-DH had about 5 or 6 Louise's and a handful of Susan/Suzanne's, and wanted to go with Louise, but I said ABSOLUTELY NOT. No offense to any Louise-lovers out there, but I hate it - old-fashioned and, in my family, worn out.)

It was more of a compromise thing with the last two. This DH wanted more straightforward, traditional names that could be translated into Spanish, hence Thomas and Gabriella. But I wanted something a little less common and with more of an Irish flavor (Tommy's middle name is Kieran) or at least that was just a little different (Gabbi's mid. name was ALMOST Siobhan, but got changed to Diane at the last minute).

This time, he had very little say at all. I picked Jayson if it's a boy. He said no. I said... well, I can't repeat it here, I'd get censored . So he agreed to it only if I spelled it Jason. I just smiled. He doesn't fill out the paperwork so it's not really up to him. He picked Scott for a middle name which I liked anyway. For a girl he said Olivia. I said no. There was an argument. I told him it was probably a boy anyway so we stopped talking about it. Now he's not in the picture so he doesn't get ANY say... oh well for him.

This past weekend I had an A-HA moment for a girl's name: Jewyll Raine. So there it is. He'll hate it but he's not even going to be there for the birth, so I don't see that it makes much of a difference.

Originally Posted by hyz View Post
I thought you had to put the name on the birth certificate right away if you're giving birth in a hospital. Is that true? How long can you wait after birth to give the official name?
I always thought you HAD to have a name. In the hospital you are required to get a physician's signature on the certificate, so how would you get that without filling it out?

Then again, when my XDH was a baby, his parents called him "Bay" for two weeks after he came home from the hospital. (Short for "Baby.") They couldn't pick anything and he ended up being a Junior.
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Having been an Ashley, it drove me crazy to have my name yelled out every place I went and to have several in my school or in my class at any one time, to the point that one year I was called by my last name. Just one of my quirks. Childhood trauma...

My main criteria is that it can't be in the SSA top 100. I also love names that are a little different. We pretty much yell out names at each other until we find one that we can just look at each other and know that's the one. No need to look further after that, we just know it's right.

My sister looked at me like I was nuts while she was visiting when I just randomly yelled to DH in the other room "Cade" and just like that he yelled back "Not it!" He knew exactly what I was talking about, but I had to explain to her that I was yelling a name. We pick them from just about anything. DH even called me from work with names.

That said, we did go 'round and 'round with boy names and finally narrowed it down to two, then we discovered we were having a girl. We knew girl names would be easier for us and the night before our u/s the first name I suggested was "the one" and we've stuck with it. Middle names generally have some family influence. It may not be an exact name, just that it may be Irish like DH's family for example.
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