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bleeding question

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am training to be a midwife's assistant and this week's 'homework' is to find ways to stop bleeding.

what have you found to be the best way to stop bleeding caused from a placental abruption?

what about a tired uterus?

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If you don't get a lot of answers here, maybe try looking in the gentlebirth.org archives and do a search function here on this forum.
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abruption, humm don't know for sure, when in pregnancy? the only way we know it's an abruption is because we have transferred care. I would probably give someone I suspected having an abruption vitamin E because it can help with placental attachment. I would also give uterine relaxants, like magnesium and herbal I would give virburnum (either kind black haw or cramp bark) .
Increase mom's vitamin K intake and would even consider using a drop or 2 of oral vitamin K.
For tired uterus- methergine or a methergine/pit combo. Ice pack (maybe). feed and hydrate mom- really we want to avoid this condition - so things like belly binding in pregnancy and labor, baby's position and is mom having very strong contractions but slow progress, changing positions in labor, keep the bladder empty. Be sure to keep mom's electrolytes up and keep her fed in labor so that her body has something to burn to contract with.
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mwherbs and hotwings640: thanks so much!!
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