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My Turn to Worry

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Bah. I have had a weird pain in my right side for the past day and a half. It has me freaked out big time. I've had cramping up until this point (menstrual-like) and wasn't worried about those. This one is different though and doesn't subside. It's not super painful, in fact it's not painful at all, just annoying!

PLUS, I woke up yesterday with what I thought were some mosquito bites on my right wrist and hand. A day later and they have spread a bit (10 now instead of 5) and some have little postules...delightful. We did yard work on Sunday but I wore tight gloves the whole time so I am not sure how I would have gotten an allergic reaction to anything outside...?

Sometimes I think that my worrying nature is not cut out for being pregnant.
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You could have pulled or stretched something while doing yard work so try not to worry. Have you called your midwife/OB to discuss just to put your mind at ease?
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I am waiting for the office to open at 8 AM. In the meantime I am just reading up on all sorts of things and just freaking myself out all the more Seriously for all my talk of taking deep breaths and relaxing I am NOT good at it.

I hadn't thought about the yard work b/c it is on my right side where I was doing all the bending and twisting. Thank you for that suggestion!
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Oh don't worry hun! If you think about how much your body (abdomen) changes and streches and pulls and grows, there is A LOT going on down there! I felt the same way with ds, not so much cramp-like, but the sensation of pulling and moving and stretchy stuff. I feel that way now. I think it's completely normal (hey you could be having twins!) unless, you have real pain, even a dull ache, spotting or blood I would call a dr. right away, otherwise it may be advisable to talk to a dr, just to ease your mind.
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Originally Posted by Starfish11 View Post
Sometimes I think that my worrying nature is not cut out for being pregnant.
Me too!

I'm new to all this so I don't have any sage advice. Except to try to be calm.. most likely it's nothing to be worried about (yes I know, easier said than done).
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Well, it's after 8, so I hope you're finding the help you need! It's just terrifying, the first trimester. So many questions. Last time I wasn't able to rest until I had that first ultrasound and knew everything was going well. Let us know what you hear!

Also, I find round ligament pain can be like that, especially if I cough in the wrong position or stretch the wrong way. So many changes are happening in your body that it's hard to keep up. And the rash is odd-- reminded me of PUPPPs, but that's not until 3rd tri, if I remember correctly.
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Try not to stess yourself. I had weird cramping going on too. I'm pushing 7 weeks now and its pretty much gone now. I think as long as there is no bright red bleeding with it your fine. GL!
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I have been having the same ache on my left side and I know what it is. I have had cysts on my ovaries before and know the feeling of one. When you are pregnant you produce a corpus luteum cyst that produces progesterone to sustain the pregnancy until the placenta takes over at 10-12 weeks. Usually there are no symptoms but you can sometimes get a dull ache that feels like it is one spot. It forms on the side that you ovulated from which is why it can be on different sides for everyone. That is what is causing my annoying ache anyway. As for the marks on your wrist, I am not sure? Hopefully you can get some peace of mind form your doctor though!!
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I've had a lot of aches, too. I think as long as they aren't sharp on one side, you should be okay.
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Thanks everyone

I did go in and they did an ultrasound. My ovaries are fine and the gestational sack is where it should be. At this point they think it was just a coincidence b/c there's nothing to make them worry.

What they did tell me is thatbased on the size of g/sac and my hcg levels, I am not as far along as I thought I was. I have 31 day cycles so they think that I ovulated later than anticipated and therefore am only five weeks along. As long as the baby is healthy I don't care when it is born but ooof to go from being about a week from the 6-8 uneasy zone back to the beginning of it is tough.

The rash? No idea. It's not poison ivy but it does look like I have an allergy based on some sort of contact from my day of yardwork. clearly thismeans that I should be excused from yardwork!
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What a sigh of relief!!!

Speaking from experience, isn't it nice to know that everything is just fine?!?!
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So glad to hear everything is ok!
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Glad to hear that everything is ok, and that I'm not the only anxious paranoid momma!
I just found out I'm pregnant this weekend- total surprise! And while I'm THRILLED, I have only told my best friend and my hubby, and some of my closest friends that also have baby's born in August! I'm just soooo nervous.......glad to hear that I'm normal!
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