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Anyone Else With Higher HCG?

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Hello, I was just wondering if anyone else knows there beta #'s. I had beta's done on 14(or 12), 16(or 14), and 23(or 21) dpo. I may have ovulated on one of two days, just not positive which one but I think it was most likely the first day. I for sure did not ovulate sooner than this though. Anyway, my betas were 68, 227, then 10522!! So my question is to anyone who knows there #'s is do you think that 10522 is high for 23 or 21 dpo?? I am glad for the increase but it sure did jump in a week. I thought I might be at two to three thousand so ten thousand was a surprise. Please let me know your thoughts!!
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I've only had 14 and 17 dpo betas - 42 and 148 respectively. On the low end of normal, but still within the expected limits. I would have guessed your 2 or 3 thousand for your day 23 beta also, but hey, it's called an average because some people go over and some people go under.
Are you thinking twins?
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That's kinda what has bee on my mind. My doc wants to see me to possibly send me for an ultrasound to check things out but that won't happen till next week some time. Twins never even crossed my mind until I was telling my mom about the higher betas and she reminded me (I totally forgot, probably cause I was 10) that she m/c twins, a boy and a girl, at 5 months!: So ever since then the idea has been lurking in my head. That's why I was asking for other peoples stories. Who really knows I guess???
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At 22 dpo my hcg was 'over 8,0000' I didn't get the exact number. I was initially concerned about molar pregnancy but I'm hoping everything is fine and possibly I'm further along than I thought.
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Wow, that's a big jump! I had betas done at 11dpo (67) and 13dpo (157). I'll have another one done tomorrow at 15dpo, so I can report back then if it jumps significantly.

I think you could have twins in there.
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I have no idea what my counts are BUT I think it's super exciting to think of twins!!!
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The thought of twins is exciting nut it also brings a whole new set of worries with it. I am not (trying not to) think about those things until I know what is going on for sure. I am also thinking that maybe it is just one but a healthy one!!
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Well, my betas 14 dpo were 1097 and my progesterone was a whopping 58.9!!!

I haven't had another draw because my numbers are so good that they are too good iykwim!?!?

And now thinking about my u/s yesterday where I was diagnosed with a SCH, I read in the research that it is difficult for a sonographer to tell the difference between a SCH and a twin pregnancy. Wouldn't that be something?!?
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I kinda wish I had been doing betas. My test on 11 dpo was as dark or darker than the test I had taken at 19 dpo with Ds1 and it wasn't even FMU. Makes ya wonder...
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I had my #s checked this time because of previous miscarriages and I was paranoid! But at 14dpo mine was 190 and at about 23dpo it was 13,746. I read that it's supposed to double every 48-72 hours so yours looks about right for that.
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