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I will get back to reading the whole thread but here is my official intro:

I am S, mommy to Miss Ella who just turned 4 a little over a week ago after an excrutiating 6 months of being 'almost 4' and looking forward to her birthday. I am 24, almost done with my bachelor degree and really excited about grad school. I just started working this week at a fertility clinic. I also do web design and other geeky stuff since I must keep with the stereotype of the computer geek autistic person. I have Asperger's syndrome and it is awesome!

I live in Canada and love this country (isn't it funny how Americans can say their country is the best and it just rolls of their tongue and us Canadians feel really arrogant to even imply a preference for our country...).

Other than that, I really want another baby. In fact, I am obsessed with it so hopefully I will be able to make it happen shortly.

Oh, right, maybe I should get into my single motherhood story. I was 19, with some abusive jerk. He took off after I told him I was not getting an abortion and has not changed since. I find being a single mother a lot easier than all the marriage propaganda leads us to believe and the idea of parenting with someone else is so unappealing to me.
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This is an old one, but it's still an intro thread!

I'm Melissa, 27 year old nursing student (last year!), mama to two girls (almost six and almost one), and going through a separation/divorce.

Dh and I have been together seven years, were separated for one of those.

I can't say I regret we got back together, because I got my youngest out of the deal , but other than that, I think we should have stayed apart the first time!
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niblet, mom to ds.

grateful, so grateful for the thread and the mamas....

will post more when I have the time
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Ooh, never saw this thread. It's kind of older but I loved reading through (most!) of it!

I'm a 30yr old mother to 3 girls, ages 16 months, 3 yrs old (today! and I don't get to spend it with her), and 4 1/2 year old. I left the ex, we were never married, though loosely planned to, eventually. I left him somewhere around 2 months ago. There were just so many issues there, nothing huge like drugs etc, just lack of trust, online cheating (on both parts), never any real "love" in the relationship, no respect, etc.

We are trying to be amicable, but it's still a struggle. I think we'll get to a good co-parenting relationship as time goes on. I hope.
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I am Krystal I am a 24 year old Single mama to Corbyn who was born Oct 25/08. His dad is not and will not be a part of our lives due to the fact he beat me almost to death the night my little man was conceived so I have nothing to do with him. I am dating a wonderful guy named andy who has been there since I was 5 months pregnant and he was there for the labour. He's been so great with Corbyn and has been there for me everyday the past week. I haven't even told corbyn's bio dad that I have had him and don't plan to even though some people may not agree with the decision. Nice to meet you all and I hope to become a nice fit in this group.
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Hi, I'm Alysia and I'm almost 25. My DD is going to be 3 months on the 10th.

Her sperm donor (he doesn't deserve to be called a father) was physically abusive when I was pregnant (he knew), and emotionally abusive for the whole relationship, so I left him. A couple of months later, he moved to the south. At an attorney's advice, I've cut off all contact with him and he doesn't even know I had a girl.

We're about to move back to my hometown where most of my family is and I can't wait (neither can my family!) I never would have thought I'd be a single Mommy, but so far I love it! All her smiles are mine!

I met a guy online a week before DD was born, and we've been talking ever since. He has some definite potential, but I'm not about to rush things. I SO have trust issues, plus DD comes first.

So glad to see everyone else's posts!
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Hi there,

My name is Kim, I am 34 and I am the mama to my sweet 19 month old, G. He was born last March on my 33rd birthday. My story is one that I unfortunately have to keep pretty private, but I will share that G's father (or sperm donor...) is not in our lives. We do not receive child support, but are getting by on my various incomes.

I currently do childcare in my home 5 days a week, so I get to stay home with my son full time. We are extremely low income, but I make enough to pay my Section 8 rent and put gas in my car, and with food stamps and thifty shopping, we eat pretty well too. I get frustrated occasionally, but I feel like I am the one of the luckiest mamas on earth most days.
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Newly singled momma here too. My H is a gambling addict who did a few bad things a few too many times and now he's out. This whole single-momma business is a whole new territory for me but it's doable. As all my hope and dreams were shattered, I know that a new door was being opened. All I have to say is that I have people and I'm eternally grateful for all the help and open arms I've recieved.
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