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Celebrity Homebirthers!

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So, the Madonna thread in "Books, etc." got me thinking about all the celebrity homebirthers (because we all are interested in celeb births, right?!!!)....

Here is a list - see if you can add more!!!

Ricki Lake
Stephen & Tabitha King
Lucy Lawless (Xena)
Pamela Anderson (twice! waterbirths! nursed for a year!)
Kenny Loggins & his wife (unplanned unassisted!)
Cindy Crawford
John Leguiziamo & his wife
Thandie Newton (actress)
Lisa Bonet
Erykah Badu
Julianne Moore
Kelly Preson & John Travolta
Meryl Streep
Demi Moore (I'm not 100% sure of this one - anyone?)
Richard Thomas (JohnBoy from the Waltons) & his partner
Bobby McFerrin (and his partner)
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I did a search for "actress" and "homebirth" and at least half of sites that came up were porn sites! :

You forgot Lenny Kravitz! (with Lisa Bonet)

I got the following off of www.midwives.net (I couldn't find any further sources for these names though):

Sherilyn Fenn

Val and Joanne Whaley-Kilmer

Woody Harrellson and wife/girlfriend

Mare Winningham

Michael Landon and wife

Carole King
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I do know that Demi Moore had all three of hers at home and was an extended nurser. I remember reading that she was nursing her first when she was two! I had never heard of such a thing I was still young and without children at the time.

According to John Travolta both of their children were born in the hospital but quietly and without medication. I saw an interview with him and I remember him saying how proud he was of his wife and that when she was near the end with #2 said "Maybe next time I'll get the epidural" but I think a few of us have said that in the heat of the moment


I just remembered another one - Paulina Porsicova & Rik Okasic (sp?) of the cars. Her mom was a midwife and was with her when she had her two sons at home.
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Are you sure about Kelly Preston & John Travolta and the hospital? They were pretty open about their homebirth choice - and in an article, they talked about their homebirth. She DID ask for an epidural at home - perhaps that's where the confusion came in?



Thanks for the added info on Demi Moore! That is fabulous!
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pamela anderson, whatever one might think of her, is shockingly AP! i think her kids give her great centering & perspective in her life, & reason to take care of herself...
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Maybe in the interview I saw Travolta in he didn't want to divulge that they had a homebirth - I think it may have been on Oprah but I'm not sure. I may have assumed they were in a hospital as he didn't mention they were at home and then the epidural thing may have thrown me off.

I think it's really cool when celebs "come out" about their birthing experience - assuming it's a good experience that is
I am bummed when I read about several model/actresses recently that elected to have c-sections so that they could have a tuck at the same time: Elizabeth Hurley, Claudia Schiffer and Toni Braxton come to mind. Oh, and I lost a lot of respect for Kelly Rippa when she stated on her morning show that all of her kids were born by C so she is still "tight" down there :

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claudia schiffer had a c/s because her foot was broken at the time, and the doctors told her she HAD to. idiots.
and kelly ripa said she "tried labor" each time, but never progressed so had c/s all three times. i don't think she was trying to preserve her vagina, but rather is trying to make herself feel better about missing out on the birth she wanted.

and toni braxton is not a very informed mother. she said she was going to bottle-feed so she could have a life. whatever.

celebrities are so fruity.
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Pamela Anderson is also writing a vegetarian book for children. She said that her kids make salads with her and all kinds of veggie stuff. She is crazy about them and includes them in so much of her life.

When I dj'd and was pregnant with dd, I interviewed the old bass player for the Black Crowes, Johnny Colt. He and his wife had a homebirth and were very AP. He'd started a new band and the other 2 guys had homebirths with their wives, too. I was already planning my HB at the time so we were chatting it up so much that we barely spent any time on air promoting them. It was the coolest experience to have these 3 guys telling me all about homebirth and the AP life. They weren't celebrities, but they were rockers so they kinda fall in that catagory.

I believe that John Travolta and his wife are Christian Scientist so they don't practice the use of drugs in birth. I think I'd heard they were homebirthers as well. I don't think they vax either.
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Travolta is a Scientologist, not a Christian Scientist. Huge difference.
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whoops sorry-that's what I meant...it ws late when I posted-pregnant brain, too!
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ok, Pamela Anderson from Baywatch? with giant implants? AP? bf'd her kids? :
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Originally posted by tinyshoes
ok, Pamela Anderson from Baywatch? with giant implants? AP? bf'd her kids? :
Yep. Not what you'd think, huh? LOL!
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In fact, the Baywatch Pam Anderson is probably reading this thread. I know she owns some of Peggy O'Mara's books and reads Mothering (because i saw it on Cribs). Hmmm, mum2lillie, come on fess up. You're Pam Anderson, aren't you? That whole 2lillie thing was just to throw us off, wasn't it!?!?!

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Ha Ha!!! Well, I have always had a thing for bad boy rockers who like to break my heart, but I settled down with an artist instead! I really do like Pam Anderson, though. Did you know that she is a huge Peta Activist? I think she's another reason not to judge the book by the cover.
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Ugh! And, here I thought I had figured it out! Wait a minute, wait a minute. Pamamidwife??? Is your last name Anderson by any chance? I mean, I've seen your website, but maybe you hired a brunette with real breasts to pose as you for your undercover look. Huh? Huh?
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I thought I heard my ears ringing!

Actually, Sparklin, some of us aren't THAT creative! Thanks for thinking I was though!
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And then there's Brooke Shields, who may be AP as all get-out but has signed up as a shill for a formula company.... :

I have to say, though, it is heartening to hear about famous people raising their kids AP. Hey, whatever works to make it cool and spread the word.
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LOL-now were just gettin' silly!!!!!!!
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Oh, sure, I'm such a Baywatch babe! LOL!!!!

No, I have a mama's body. Definitely.

(I think I am, however, one of the few midwives in my state that wears makeup and a bra! LOL!)
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