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I could never pass for a baywatch babe with boobs down to my knees now from 2 years of a baby on them. Pamela Anderson must have had hers done regularly after she nursed each baby!
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T Pamela Anderson used cloth diapers, too! Good for her
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Hey we should change this thread to: "Pamela Anderson Rocks as a mom!" Okay that's a little overboard, right? Sorry, maybe I'll just join her fan club!!! JK
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Paulina Porsicova & Rik Okasic (sp?) of the cars. Her mom was a midwife
Still is! She caught my friend's baby in NYC last February!
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:LOL @ "Pamela Anderson"

I sat and thought and I can't think of anymore to add to the list

I should become famous Now just how will I go about this
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Pamela Anderson rocks! My friend reads Jane mag. where Pam is a regular contributer and her articles show how intune she is with her kids and how much she loves them!
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Yeah for Stripperella!

I mean, who else can have a stripper pole installed in the bedroom just for their lover (Kid Rock) AND aspire to be a cage dancer for his road shows AND extended breastfeed?

My favorite Howard Stern shows are when Pam is on...she made out with Howard once and he really appreciated it, it seems. Very sweet.
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Perpetuating the Pam Madness...

:LOL When Pam got her first implants, she got the sub-pectoral ones because she didn't want her chances of breastfeeding spoiled. It wasn't until after her boys were weaned that she got the *standard* implants.

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How about Graham Nash and his wife...

also Kenny Loggins and his wife...

Hope there are more some day...

...also one of Pat Boone's non-celebrity daughters had her baby at home soon after Debbie Boone had her twins. Pat Boone was quite impressed by the calmness of the baby's demeanor compared with the grandchildren he had witnessed as they were born at a hospital.
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Hasn't happend yet, but Gweneth Paltrow is reportedly planning a home waterbirth.
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I hope it is awesome!
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Originally Posted by Elphaba
and toni braxton is not a very informed mother. she said she was going to bottle-feed so she could have a life. whatever.

celebrities are so fruity.
LOL it's not just the celebs... I've heard far too many moms make this exact same comment... makes me sick. Another thing that gets me is the woomen who wean asap so they can have their boobs bacl- honey why do ya think they grew there in the first place???

That's really cool about Pamela Anderson, I would have never thought it..

Sad about Elizabeth Hurley, but I've read of her making quite a few stupid comments, like something along the lines of Marilyn Monroe was beautiful, but if I were ever that big I'd kill myself.... :Puke
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How interesting to see that Julianne Moore had a homebirth! When I was at the grocery store the other day I noticed she was on the cover of Instyle Magazine. Then yesterday I got a video order from a woman who had @instylemag.com in her email address. I wrote to her asking if she was a writer and if so, would she consider writing an article called "Homebirths of the Rich and Famous" (she had ordered a homebirth video). She wrote back and said she was an editor at Instyle and liked my idea but that Instyle wasn't the place for an article like this. She encouraged me to try some other magazines.

The problem of course is getting in touch with the rich and famous homebirthers. I've written to a couple of them but I'm sure my letters ended up in the trash along with the million other interview requests they get. Kenny Loggins was the exception. He wrote back right away and sent me his birth story for my web site. I contacted him again when I was making the UC video "A Clear Road to Birth" and asked him if he wanted to be in it. Once again he responded right away and said he would talk to his wife. Unfortunately, she said no because "she doesn't support intentional UC" (their midwife didn't make it in time).

I suppose I could write an article like this without interviewing these people. But it wouldn't be as interesting. Hey Pam Anderson - if you're reading this, write to me!
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Yup, after reading Jane Mag & Pam's articles, I really have more respect for her than I originally did. I also saw the MTV Cribs where she had the Mothering Natural Family Living book propped up on her kitchen counter.

Ok, enough about Pam!

I can't remember where but I read an article about Carrie Anne-Moss (from The Matrix) and she was talking about how much birth, homebirth, etc. interests her and how she wants to be a midwife. I don't know if she has any kids yet though.
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In this months Jane Magazine, Pam Anderson writes that The Continuum Concept is one of her favorite all time books.
She is a great homebirther example.
I read that Gwyneth Paltrow is planning a homebirth in California at her moms house...
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I did a search on "Gwyneth Paltrow homebirth" and found this:

Pregnant superstar Gwyneth Paltrow is planning to give birth to her baby at home in Los Angeles - and has bought a state-of-the-art birthing pool in preparation for her big day. The Shakespeare In Love Oscar winner is expecting her first child with her new husband, Coldplay singer Chris Martin, in May and plans to keep the happy event a family affair. She plans to have the baby at mother Blythe Danner's house, with the Meet The Parents actress on hand to comfort her through labor. A source says, "Gwyneth wants to have the baby in her mum's house in LA but she wants to make sure she's totally prepared."

and this:

Pregnant actress Gwyneth Paltrow has been scared off giving birth in a British hospital, thanks to her famous pal Madonna. The stunning Sylvia star - who is expecting her first child with rocker husband Chris Martin - is now shunning the prospect of entering a London hospital on the special day after Madonna reportedly relayed terrifying stories of medical blunders to her. And the Material Girl hitmaker, who caused outrage when she labeled British hospitals "old and Victorian" while pregnant with son Rocco, evidently had an influential effect on Gwyneth - the screen beauty's now decided to give birth at her mother Blythe's Hollywood home. A source tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "Madonna told her all these horror stories about how bad the English hospitals are. So now she has decided to give birth in Los Angeles. She has always wanted a home birth so she didn't think it would make much difference where she had it. But Madonna, who had lots of complications with son Rocco, told her that if something went wrong America would be the best place to be."
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OK...if this makes any sense! (and if it fits the requirements)

my sister was watching a show interviewing that actor from "Sweet Home Alabama" (the one that plays the husband that she is trying to divorce). He said that his mom is a homebirth midwife and when he was little he would attend homebirths with her.
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I found this list a few months back, there is also a homebirth wall of fame we can all sign. My boys are listed on page 3...woo hoo!

Gill Bellows and wife (I think he's Billy on Ally McBeal?)
(Mrs.) Richard Thomas
Pamela Anderson Lee
Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz
Sherilyn Fenn
Kenny Loggins and wife
Meryl Streep
Val and Joanne Whaley-Kilmer
Tyne Daley's Daughter
Woody Harrellson and wife/girlfriend
Elly (for Better or Worse)
David Foley
David Soul
Demi Moore and Bruce Willis
Mare Winningham
Rob Reiner and Penny Marshall's daughter - Tracy Reiner
Michael Landon and wife
Bobby Kennedy's daughter
"Shelly" on Northern Exposure
"Pauline" on Another World
Kenny Roger's (2nd) Wife
John And Ellie Schnieder (Dukes of Hazard)
Liberty Pheonix (River's sister)
Carol King had her babies at home
US Olympic gymnast Mihai Bagiu
7/2/99 Will Presley Gerrber son of Cindy Crawford, actress and model

Tania Joy Gibson Smith, Miss Illinois 1996, and her husband are proud to
announce the arrival of Hana Moriah Smith who was born at home with a
Certified Professional Midwife, in Lake in the Hills, on Saturday, August 14, 1999. Hana is their first child and weighed 9 pounds 1 ounce and measured 22 inches in length.
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Someone mentioned Carrie Anne-Moss; she had her first baby last summer, but it seems has been VERY quiet about everything involved with baby, even down to whether it's a boy or girl. Simple Googling didn't tell me anything.

Back to the Pam madness, she did an Oprah interview back when her first was a baby, and she was under an umbrella on the set of Baywatch (I assume). She had just nursed him, and I'm guessing she nursed like my mom did, one side only at a time, because she was completely lopsided. I really admired her for going on TV like that, and it made me happy for her son, too.

Ever since then I've adored her. She's also way stricter in her diet than I am, and is doing non-medical things for her Hepatitis, which I think is supercool, not just to do but to tell the press about!

Ya know, many of us choose wrong guys sometimes...
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What a fun thread!!!

That is cool about Pam Anderson........you would never guess by looking at her. Way to go mamas!!!
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