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Teething in older children

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Anyone know if older children experience behavioral problems when they are "teething" from baby teeth to permanent teeth?

We have had behavioral issues with DD starting several months ago. Her new school was perplexed because the behavior they were observing contrasted sharply with the review she had gotten from the two years at her pre-k and k. When I took her to the dentist last week it dawned on me that in the time between summer vacation between the Kinder she left and starting the elementary school, she began "teething."

The new school had asked me, "what has changed?" I couldn't think of anything, because her behavior didn't get worse after her baby brother was born, in fact, it got better.

Now I realize that right after she graduated from kinder, she got two new front bottom teeth, then she got the two bottom molars, and now a new top molar has just cracked through the gums.

Could this be causing behavioral upset in an almost 6 year old?
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I don't have the answer to your question, but IMO there is a big difference between K and grade 1 :
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