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Baby Pic thread

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Thought it would be fun..
Here is cale at 5 weekshttp://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b7...3/100_1588.jpg
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Declan at 4 weeks
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Cute little guys! Hey, we almost named our little guy Declan.

I'm a terrible mother and haven't uploaded any new pics, although I must have 100 on my camera, lol. Here's Teddy getting weighed in; he's about 20 minutes old.
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Adorable boys!!!
My little guy exactly one month old!
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we all have cute little boys...must have been the season of the boy..
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~what gorgeous babies!!!

I have a couple pictures of Sonny on my blog. The link is below!!
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Aww they're all adorable!

I think these are the cutest pics of Rory (from 3 weeks) I've gotten so far!

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