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2 year old with very bad cough - doctor or no?

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My 26 month old has a horrible cough. It has been 4 days now of constant coughing. She hasn't slept more than 2 hours in a row in 4 days and the last 2 night she has basically been up all night. She will doze for awhile and then she's up coughing again. Today she actually fell asleep sitting up on the floor because she is so tired but cannot lay flat or she can't stop coughing. I listened to her chest and don't hear any wheezing but when she goes to cough I can hear a wheezing sound. She had a bad bout of bronchitis when she was 9 months old and was put on an inhaler for a month. The other symptoms she has is a fever and a stuffy/runny nose. Should I take her in? I feel so bad for her, plus I am completely exhausted from being up with her all night for the last 4 nights. Help!
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YES! Could be any number of things, including asthma. Not all asthmatics wheeze, some can have a cough much like you describe. A cough that bad should be evaluated. Please take her in.
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DD had pneumonia and it sounds just like what you're describing. Please take her in ASAP.
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I am going to take her in when someone gets home to watch the older two today. She was up almost the whole night last night because she can't stop coughing when she lies down. Today is day 2 of her not eating and she isn't drinking enough either. The question I have is - should I take her to a walk-in clinic or the ER? We don't have a doctor (none available in our city and we've lived her 18 months!) so it's one or the other. The walk-in clinic is the one we always go to, they are nice there but do have a tendency to rush you out the door. They also do not have the ability to draw blood or do other medical procedures. So I am concerned if they wanted to do that that we would be sent to ER anyways. My concerns about going to the ER are that it can be an hours long wait (the walk-in clinic is usually around 2 hours). Also they would probably not let us wait in the children's waiting area because she is coughing so much. There isn't a children's waiting area at the clinic either but they are a shorter wait. The benefits of the ER are of course that if they do suspect pneumonia they can find that out right away. Where should I go?
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I'd probably do the clinic.
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I would do the clinic too since it is probably cheaper. It sounds like what my DD has been dealing with too. Hers turned into pneumonia in March. It started again so I took her in last week. I was surprized how fast pnue. came on, so now I am paranoid. Dr thinks it is asthma now. Good luck!
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I'm in Ontario so it's all free so cost doesn't matter. I will probably do the clinic and see what they say. I nursed her back to sleep again so she is still sleeping thank goodness.
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DD1, has just been diagnosed with pneumonia. It started as chronic uncontrollable coughing, then a fever, then we took her in to the dr. on day 3 of her feeling bad.
Good luck, hope your baby is ok.
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I guess I'm going to be the only one who will say, why not give her big dose of SA and CLO for two days and see what happens? What are they going to do? Give her abx and that will mess up her gut.

Here is what we would do.
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