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just saying hi...

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hi, my names jennifer and im expecting my first little one may 26th... i can still hardly believe it... its going to be a long eight months...

im looking forward to being a part of the great community im sure you all have here... attachment style parenting and caregiving have always interested me, even before being pregnant myself... ive been long planning to have a natural birth, to cloth diaper and to breast feed til my babies are ready to wean...

but now that im pregnant, my friends are really giving me a hard time... i have witnessed a birth at our local hospital and have experienced the nurses giving formula and pacifiers without permission multiple times... not to mention the rudeness once you put your foot down... i am not going to let this be OUR birth experience... however, now im getting a guilt trip from friends about taking such chances with a homebirth and not having the best doctors there...

opps, thats enough negative rambling, well anyway, im looking forward to being a part of this community for a long time to come...

mommy to baby on the way 5-26-04
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~Hi Jennifer~

May is a good month for babies! i have 2 May babies.
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I sure wish I would have had this before I had my babies! Glad to have you here!

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Hi Jennifer! Glad you are joining us!

I'm sure you will have the birth experience you want - you are already seeing your hopes clearly - and you still have 8 months to go!
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Welcome to the boards.
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Hi there
So happy to have you here with us! Enjoy yourself with us
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