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What your favorite fertility book/tape/website?

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I'm partial to

Healthy Parents, Better Babies

Which is a thoroughly opinionated look at getting healthy before you TTC. On the plus side it has a great overview of hormonal cycles, and a great introduction to many kinds of alternative therapies, and nutrition.

On the downside if you are obsessive at all, after you read this you could turn TTC into a 48/7 job.
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I'm sure most of you know this book, but I think its pretty much the best one out there: Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler (sp?)
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Yep, herehere for Taking Charge of Your Fertility, which in my opinion, should be mandatory read for all little ladies because knowledge is power.

Not to mention what a book like that can do for a young girl's self respect.

I love the getting healthy before you ttc attitude! I haven't read that book. Does it say I should cut out chocolate because I already cut out and feel much more fertile
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Big fan of TCOYF...I also think it should be mandatory reading for all girls...sooo much better than the crap they try and teach you in middle school.

I have Healthy Parents, Better Babies. It kind of turned me off...I guess because it is such a no exceptions way of doing it. And I obsess...which means that I would be so stressed out about it that I wouldn't get pregnant anyway.

I like Susan Weed's Herbal for the Chilbearing Year. That one has come good info in it.
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Wonderful info on all these related to infertility--great support boards.
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The Whole Person Fertility Program is a great book
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Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition by Marilyn Shannon.

I have Healthy Parents, Better Babies too and have learned a lot from it, but it's almost too thorough--it's over my head and I find the info hard to sort through.
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My favorite books so far have been

Inconceivable by Julia Indichova


The WholePerson Fertility Program by Niravi


What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About PreMenopause (for women 30 to 50) by Dr. John Lee

I really like Julia Indichova's site and Niravi's too

Fertile Heart

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