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Ok. I swear I just. felt. movement! I'm only 13w5d with baby #1! Is that possible or have I lost my mind?! It was low in my abdomen and more focused on the right side. It felt like butterflies thumping but not the nervous type of butterflies. I'm not sure how to explain it. It went on for several seconds too. I thought maybe I felt something last week but it felt more like a single gas bubble moving but with no gas. Does movement begin gradually like this? Does it feel like this??
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Exciting, right?!

That sounds exactly like the location and sensation I experienced at around 12 weeks 4 days. My husband could feel it from the outside, too. I like to think that it was the bebe, but it seemed so early and there's no point of reference for me since it's my first, too.

I decided it must have been the baby, because I haven't felt anything like that ever before. So far, I haven't experienced it again, yet. I'm looking forward to the days when I know for sure I'm feeling the baby in there.
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I would say you felt the baby! This is #1...and 2 for me, but I felt the same thing about a week ago. It started off as butterflies and kind of a tickling feeling just once in awhile, now a week later I feel them several times every day! I know my DH doesn't beleive me becuase he obviously can't feel it from the outside yet, but I know it's baby. Happy butterflies to you!
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Sounds like baby to me, that's exactly what I felt with DS.
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This is totally exciting! DH is out of town on business today and tomorrow so I can't call him (he's with clients and such) so I had to text him. He must be busy because he hasn't responded. I'm dying to see if he's excited too!
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I am feeling some fluttering going on for sure. I do not think it is gas...lol
This is my 6th pregnancy.
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yaaayy!! how sweet...i remember the exact date that i felt the baby move last time and it was right around 12 weeks!
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I finally heard back from DH. He's totally excited! He said "Yay" and that he can't wait to hear the heartbeat at our appt on Fri. I had to tell him that we may not be able to hear it though so not to get his hopes up too high.
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That is soooo exciting.

I felt that same sort of thing (and knew I was actually feeling something for sure) at 11 weeks 5 days. I was wearing jeans that were too tight at a hockey game and I felt that butterfly feeling and then it was like a single boot to my stomach haha. It kind of felt like a single gas bubble popping but I didn't have any gas lol.
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great news!

I felt something similar at 11w, I think, and then nothing for a couple more weeks after that. I described it like when you get a muscle twitch in your eye.
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Yay Tara, sooo excited for you!! It only keeps getting more distinct and amazing the farther along you are, too. Those early little flutters are so sweet, huh?
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THe Pregnancy Book does mention that some can feel some movement now..you and I are pretty close week-wise, I haven't felt anything...I don't think. I have, but I discount it, since I didn't feel anything with ds until late 4 mo, sometime in the 5th month.
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Originally Posted by celesterra View Post
great news!

I felt something similar at 11w, I think, and then nothing for a couple more weeks after that. I described it like when you get a muscle twitch in your eye.

My Mom is so excited! I called her to tell her and she said she felt movement really early with me too.
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When my mw was listening to the heart beat at 12 weeks the baby kicked and you could hear it on the doppler, but I couldn't feel it. She said, "Yep they do kick and move this early, not just quite strong enough to feel." She went on to say that it is hard to tell if it is gas or not, but that it probably is the baby (if you don't fart soon after) and that it is just not aways felt. I think it feels like wings too "butterflies in my stomach."
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That sounds like what I feel. How exciting, Tara!
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It is definately a wonderful feeling! I started feeling little flutters just after 13 weeks this time. With DS I didn't feel anything until 20 weeks so it was great!
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Awww~ congrats!

DH thought he might have felt this little one moving last night but he said he wasn't sure. I think he did but it's harder to tell with him pressing on my tummy. She kicked pretty good just a second after he moved his hand.
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Yay, how exciting! I felt something at 14 weeks and some odd days, exactly like you described - isn't it just amazing? I haven't felt anything since, but I'm just really looking forward to feeling real movements - kicks, twists, flips, the whole nine yards.

Hope all goes well at the appointment! I'm sure you guys will hear the hb thump-thumping along!
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That's awesome! I've been feeling a little flutter here and there. Usually after I eat or right before I go to bed. It just gets stronger and stronger each week.
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With DS that's what the first movement felt like, a bubble popping, maybe at 15-16 wks. Different from my gas feelings (and I had plenty of gas with him!) Today I'm feeling some odd twinges and have been wondering. It's so exciting! Feeling DS move was such a wonderful thing, I can't wait.
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