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Yep I bet it was the baby moving. I felt my first in the 13th week too!

I didn't feel my 2nd for a while longer then that.. but I think I was just too busy with the first to notice lol!

I've felt my third very very early (like 11 weeks off an on through the 12th week, then daily by the 13th week). I now feel the baby several times a day at 15 weeks.
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It's so funny that I read your post this morning, because I was so sure I felt my LO move last night while I was soaking in the tub and singing lullabies! I told DH and he thought I was crazy, but it felt like little twitches in the lower right side of my abdomen. I'm not getting too excited until I feel it again and can confirm that it really IS the baby moving
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How exciting!! I don't usually feel movement until around 16 weeks.
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I was expecting it around the end of this month, like with DS, but I'm sure I've been feeling it this week. I'm 14 wks, some odd days now. I think I'm more aware because it's a familiar feeling this time around!

Yay! This is so exciting!
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Oh! That's so exciting. I love the feeling of little bean movement in pregnancy! Just wait until you can see your LO move that is wild!
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I just started feeling little ripples, but I'm still a little unsure that its the baby. I'm 13weeks.
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I am feeling flutters and I am in my 13th week.
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