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what can I do?

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hello everyone... my son is 26 months and completely vax free We do have a measles "outbreak" (total of like, 7 cases ) while I am not too concerned, and limiting his exposure potential, I'm wondering if I should take Tyler for his 2 year check up. He didn't go to his 1.5 year. If I had my way, I wouldn't take him at all, but I don't want his biodad using it against me and trying to say I am a bad mom. Not that I think he would, but KWIM? ANYWAYS, It also got me thinking as to what I should be doing to aide his body in fighting off these viruses. He eats lots of fruits/veggies/organic yogurt/milk/cheese. Infact, that's about 85% of his diet, but should I be giving him any probiotics? Vit. A? Vit. C? He does still nurse, anywhere from 2-6 times a day, depending on my mood . I do give him ecinacea (sp??) when symptoms of a cold start to develop. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated : )
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Sounds like you know what you are doing.

We don't bother with wbv no matter what (except for trauma which we've had none so far).

My grandson had his last vaccine at age 15 mo. and that was the last time he saw a ped. He is 10 yo now.

My other two grandchildren ages 2 and 4 completely vax free, saw a ped maybe three times and that was because the ped is a friend of the dad and dd did it to be nice.

Why should you take the child in to see a ped when there is nothing wrong with him? Don't bother wasting your time. Kids don't need to be in dirty doctor's offices or hospitals. Those are some of the dirtiest places around.

If you are worried about measles (although we are hoping our grandkids will all get them), have some CLO handy, you might even give it to him every day, and have some SA ready just in case.

But learn about the benefits of measles and it might not scare you quite so much. I had them and so did every one in my generation. I didn't know one single kid in my school that died. Not in my entire life did I know anyone who died of measles. The scare mongering is ridiculous!
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