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Help! Is my baby wheezing????

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My 5.5 month old is has started to have bouts of fast breathing for a minute or so at a time. I hear him wheeze also, not all the time, but it seems to be getting more frequent. I'm going to call the pedi tomorrow morning, but I'm very concerned now. I've heard him do this while he's nursing, playing, but not while he's sleeping. Could this be asthma, RSV or what??? Could it be just from getting excited about everything - my dh thinks he's just getting excited, but do babies wheeze when they're excited? He'll wheeze only once and then maybe again in 5 minutes or more...not continuously.
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my advice is: try to be very specific about your child's respiratory symptoms when you talk to the pedi.

my 4mo DD has a chronically high respiratory rate due to aspiration and though she doesn't wheeze, her doc has told me that many people call their child's symptom wheezing (when it's actually something else) and it turns out they are actually congested w/ aspirated fluids.

it can be hard to count, but try to take your child's rate throughout the day under a variety of circumstances (eating, active sleep, restful sleep, play, mellow). sleep is usually lower, so it's typ awake that counts most if abnormal.

good luck.
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i have been wondering about what the definition of wheezing is. how do you describe a wheeze. i'm wondering about this with my two month old.
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I took ds to pediatrician...she said he's experimenting with vocalization. That if it was asthma, the wheezing would be on the exhale, not on the inhale, unless it was a major attack. She listened to his lungs and said everything sounded good. This kid is giving me gray hairs...anyone else's lo make bizarre sounds like whistling with his throat?
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What my ds is doing is a whistling type sound when he inhales, like if you suck air in up high in your throat...
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Maybe its stridor.
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i'm think mine sounds more like congestion from aspirated fluids...glad that your lo is just experimenting with vocalization. i bet that sounds weird.
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my dd is doing the exact same thing started this past saturday

did you find out what it was? is it really wheezing? my dd is doing this exact same thing. but i had deep fried some potato in the house and thought may be it was the smoke...
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My DS does a strange whistle/wheeze sound when he is in the bath but he is also very excited. I figured it was some kind of vocalization because his lungs have always sounded great.
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My dd usually sounds wheezy about once every day or two. It has never really concerned me because its always just when she is playing and excited. It just sounds like she needs to clear her throat. Usually only lasts a minute.
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